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With a deep deference to functional, aesthetics and production, these three principles guided Sebastian to the kind of company he wanted to create

Brand Intro

A masterclass in minimalist cool, Glein lives and breathes its less-is-more philosophy with organic clothing, leather products and pared-back design wrapped up in a respectful and ethical business model.


Handmade leather bags | Glein Organic Clothing Vienna | Ecological Retail | The Aficionados Leather Shoes by Glein Organic Clothing Vienna | Ecological Retail | The Aficionados

Step inside the atelier of Glein, located in Vienna, and be welcomed into a den of chic minimalism where each product is showcased with complete respect. Shoes made with the softest leather and tanned with vegetable dyes sit in sleek rows whilst organic cotton tees and sweaters hang like artwork. Wallets and bags are laid out on white tables to facilitate browsing.

This consideration starts early on in the process of creation where designer Sebastian Leitinger adheres to a strict code of ‘comfort first.’ The result is minimal, perfectly formed and subtle, making Glein’s products stand out in their simplicity and easy elegance.

However, you won’t find a high price tag attached to such crafted luxe. With clever use of careful, smaller production, exclusive sale in their atelier only (thereby cutting transportation costs), Glein is a modern lesson in ecological retail and reverence for quality materials.


The question of ‘what makes a good product’ was something that intrigued designer Sebastian Leitinger throughout his economic studies and eventually helped frame his attitude towards creating Glein. With a deep deference to functional, aesthetics and production, these three principles guided Sebastian to the kind of company he wanted to create. In using leather, he had to question its provenance, eventually settling on a tannery that adhered to his strict ethical code. With regards to cotton and other materials, he always looks to the highest possible quality, with no use of chemicals in the groundwater. This holistic method means that Glein’s products fit aesthetically but also stand firm from a sustainability perspective. Adding Sebastian’s unusual guerrilla anti-marketing techniques such as never putting his products on sale, and you have a unique commerce chain.

Stand Out

Clothing with principles sounds dull but add minimalist style, thought-through comfort and beautiful design and you’ve got the essence of Glein.

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