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Merging the heritage of millinery with a modern-day styling, Nomade Moderne in Vienna, Austria captures immense character in their handmade headwear.


Nomade Moderne | Hat Makers Vienna | The Aficionados Nomade Moderne | Hat Makers Vienna | The Aficionados

Although classic in style, made using traditional techniques, there is something very wearable and of the now about Nomade Moderne’s hats. Perhaps it’s the bespoke nature of the hats that mean each is unique, and custom-made to fit one’s head perfectly. Or maybe it’s the pervading character instilled in every design, which means you can pick and choose something that really speaks to you. Like ‘El Fuego’ for example, made from felt in camel brown, is charred with fire to give a distressed look and paired with a colourful handwoven band from Guatemala, this hat clearly suits someone with an appetite for derring-do and adventure. By contrast the suave ‘Time Traveller’ in wolf grey takes you straight back to the Roaring Twenties, a classy number with a modern, sophisticated twist. Free spirits may be drawn to the ‘Desert Trail’, created using the bohemian energy from Burning Man festival; its hat is imbued with sand processed from the Nevada Desert.


Nuriel and Audrey Molcho | Founders Nomade Moderne | Hat Makers Vienna | The Aficionados

The creative couple, Audrey and Nuriel Molcho, behind this maverick enterprise are not so much mad hatters, but merely happenchancers – and fortunately for us, fell into the hat-making business almost by accident. Unable to find a hat to hide his growing-out hairdo, Nuriel decided to make his own felt creation. He christened the look as ‘vagabond’ and within six months Nomade Moderne was born, encapsulating the couple’s flare for translating their worldly know-how into stylish - dare we say – head turning hats. With inspiration garnered from the Nevada Desert to Tulum, and using materials and woven fabrics gathered from their extensive travels, the hats are truly original, yet utterly wearable. Proud of the detailed processes involved in making a hat, the couple enjoy getting to know their clients, making the whole exchange intimate and connected. The end result is a timeless hat, durable for decades, and burnished with not just fire, but fun.

Stand Out

The ultimate in stylish self-expression, a Nomade Moderne hat is for life, made by a cheeky yet gifted couple who pour their worldly experience into every creation.

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