Saint Charles | Apothecary Vienna  | The Aficionados
Saint Charles | Apothecary Vienna  | The Aficionados
Its backbone lies simply in the healing power of herbal plants with great attention to the ethical journey. Blending science with traditional European medicine

Brand Intro

Rooted in the Viennese capital since 1886, this family apothecary not only kindles the rich heritage of European medicinal practises, it sits firmly in this century embracing an intelligent mixology of herbal, organic, natural and mineral remedies.


Set along the vintage oak shelving that line the apothecary are a museum-like presentation of Saint Charles’ wide-ranging products. What binds them all is their provenance from nature: vitamin capsules for every ailment, soothing herbal teas, organic make-up, natural candles, plus favourites from plant-based brands such as Aesop, Ren Skincare, Dr Hauschka and The Organic Pharmacy.

Saint Charles Cosmetics is the apothecary’s own range which comes in its distinctive, minimalist branding, belying the rich natural ingredients within. Balms, toners, clays and aromatherapy oils are in line with Saint Charles’ all-natural philosophy.

The apothecary also extends to a pharmacy kitchen serving ‘healing herbs’, a hideaway for beauty treatments and a holistic centre. There’s even a St Charles retreat where you can see first-hand their ethos, surrounded by the forests and meadows of Prigglitz.


Saint Charles | Apothecary Vienna  | The Aficionados

A six-generational family business, the origins of Saint Charles began way back in 1886 with pharmacist Alfred Blumenthal setting up shop in the heart of Vienna. His range of tinctures procured from the mountains and meadows lured the Viennese to his all-natural remedies.

Since 2006 the family business has expanded but its core values stay the same. Its backbone lies simply in the healing power of herbal plants with great attention to the ethical journey. Blending science with traditional European medicine, the family philosophy is to treat the body as a whole. Led by Alexander Ehrmann, a descendant of famed Austrian pharmacist Martin Ehrmann, Saint Charles is the perfect pitstop for those wishing to gain a calm equilibrium through enhanced well-being.

Stand Out

Visiting Saint Charles is permission to enter the traditional world of the pharmacy, with each jar or bottle carefully vetted to their exacting high standards, containing a hybrid of indigenous plants and herbs blended with modern science. 

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