A Wunderkammer of reinvention, provenance, intuitive revival and an addictive pursuit of hand-made beauty. Creating is at their heart, as is the desire to make something good, animated by time-old techniques, culture and the adoption of lost manufacturing processes in their quest.

We glimpse behind the doors and peer into the treasure pot of one-off brands, rarity and inherited blueprints – each throwing a punch at blandness as the incubators of curiosity, originality and legacy.


Meet the „Passioneurs “of new heritage with these little bastions of craft, culture and talent from mossed glazed ceramics to handmade ‚'Oma‘ hats, to the tales of a herbalist turned skin guru,


Neu heritage is not cool: it never pretends to be, it just is.


TASTY buds

Mavericks, tattooed masters, happy hens, ancient flavours, a sprinkling of stars and a profound reverence for localness intro you to the world of foodie heroes.  From insanely popular eateries…


We love finding a patch of really good design production, architecture and style when executed well, it's like walking into a fantastic novel. Found amongst the noise of mediocre, these highlights…


Doing the things you love often gets side-tracked by mother routine – pitstop here for a bucket-list dispatch which jumps off the treadmill of busy to a journey through the Moi realms of wellness…


Dens of creativity and playfulness, each of these art infused hotels plays host to countless cultural events. The Culture Kids are the custodians of local talent, where boho meets highbrow. This art…


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