London is a melting pot of culture; extremities of wealth and poverty, creativity and the rigid stiff upper lip, it is beautiful and ugly, crowded and grimy, lovely and bold, forward thinking yet lost in history. Yes indeed, few other capitals in the world can lay claim to this wonderfully intense city of contrasts and contradictions – this is the London where hoorah Henry meets the cockney cabbie with utter ease. 

The brand machine London touches the world with its iconic red busses, black cabs and the Tube. Landmark sites such as the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Tate Modern, St. Paul's and the Tower of London all dance to the rhythm of the Thames that flows through from the west to the east and beyond. 

The financial hub of Europe, this is the city that founded the first stock markets and has a separate City of London that still today marks it’s boundaries by the Dragon of George and whereby the Queen has to officially request entry – seriously. London’s leading art, fashion and music scenes continue to influence the world as do the iconic books and films, from Bond to Harry Potter mania. The ever shifting skylines spurred by architects such as Sir Norman Foster, Conran and Richard Rogers, to name but a few, have moved the City's frontiers. London has new exciting hotbeds of talent, creativity and youthful soul stretching from cool Shoreditch, the rediscovery of Mayfair, and where SoHo clings on to the creative edge and financial outpost Canary Wharf does its own thing. The gastro food scene in London has over recent years seen an explosion of edgy concepts and an unusual fusion that can only be found here.

London is vibrant, it is the beating heart of England; a fascinating city that may not be a city that never sleeps, but certainly one that never stops to evolve, reinventing itself for the next, bright new day, London continues to change it’s loud creative British spots.

London, England

Le Kilt

Not just a relic from the punk era, Le Kilt has brought the real deal back with a bang replete with slogans, mix and match tartans and a playful sense of cool.

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Ettinger | Leather Products London | The Aficionados
London, England


Boldly British all the way through, family-run Ettinger London has been in the business of creating elegant leather goods for over 80 years, with a Royal Warrant to HRH the Prince of Wales.

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Perfumer H by Lyn Harris London - Bespoke crafted Perfumes
London, England

Perfumer H London

Whisper the names – Rain Cloud, Driftwood, White Smoke and Ink - and already your nose is twitching to find out more. Meet cult Perfumer H, aka Lyn Harris.

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