Arquinesia Palma de Mallorca | Artisan Perfumes | The Aficionados
Arquinesia Palma de Mallorca | Artisan Perfumes | The Aficionados

Brand Intro

Located in the heart of Mallorca’s old town in Palma, perfumier Arquinesia brings you on a journey through the Balearics with its evocative scents. One to take home with you.


Arquinesia Palma de Mallorca | Artisan Perfumes | The Aficionados Arquinesia Palma de Mallorca | Artisan Perfumes | The Aficionados

Hidden down a cobbled side street in Palma de Mallorca, a small doorway indicates the lightly scented shop of Arquinesia. Ducking into its cool interior, you’re greeted with a traditional wooden beamed ceiling, tiled floor and a multitude of shelves, cupboards and tiny drawers. This secret emporium is the place to come to discover Mallorca, bottled. An experience in itself, it’s here that you can find the best kind of memento – one that takes you right back to the island.

Welcome to a world of evocative olfactory experience dedicated to Mallorca. Arquinesia’s perfumes are named after the scents you’ll encounter around the island – Orange, Fig, Sea Breeze, Secret Garden (inspired by hidden courtyard spaces) and Scent of History with its aroma of Arabia that scents some of Mallorca’s architecture. Each tell their own story – and alongside the Eau de Parfum the range reaches out into scented soaps, candles, shower gels and body lotion – you can choose which resonates most strongly with you and your experience on the Balearic Isle.


Arquinesia Palma de Mallorca | Artisan Perfumes | The Aficionados Arquinesia Palma de Mallorca | Artisan Perfumes | The Aficionados

Preferring to be known as a collective of creatives rather than individuals, Arquinesia was born out of a deep love and respect for the island of Mallorca. Stemming from the old word for the Balearics, Arquinesia takes its name from ‘the Gymnesian Islands’, with the thought that perfume was the most evocative way to reflect the essence of Mallorca.

Alongside adoration for all things Mallorcan, Arquinesia felt strongly that the brand should be as natural as possible, therefore Arquinesia is vegan with the use of high-quality essential oils to give the perfumes their intense aroma, and the wearer a strong sense of reminisce – like the bergamot and the eucalyptus oils that produce Sea Breeze, or the woody incense notes of cardamom and patchouli that characterise Scent of History.

Like the enchanting shop, the packaging designs of Arquinesia are simplistic and elegant, harking back to a time of skilled artisans. The drawings were etched and created by hand, adding to the feel of something special to be treasured.

Stand Out

Ever wanted to bottle every minute of your holiday? Make those memories last with a perfume that takes you back to the dappled light in the orange grove, sun-warmed figs at breakfast or salty late afternoons on the beach.

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