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Fusing safety, style and precision innovation with typical Swedish cool, Hövding have solved the conundrum of ‘hat hair’ with a neat collar-like band that sits around your neck, turning into an airbag that protects the head, neck and face if a collision occurs.


We all know that it’s important to protect your head when cycling, in case of an accident or incident with a car, bus or the countless other little dangers that present themselves when we’re on the road. We’re also aware that cycling is free, very eco-friendly and good for the heart and soul.

Which is why we’re loving anything that makes the art of cycling that much easier and let’s say for vanity’s sake, more stylish. Introducing Hövding, developed by two brilliant Swedish designers, Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin. Instead of messing up your hair, Hövding is a band that sits neatly around your neck, releasing an airbag around your head in case of impact, promising eight times the protection that regular bike helmets give. A new model released in 2019 added further reassurance with an updated Bluetooth feature added – to connect straight to a nominated person at the point of accident.

Now your safety is taken care of, you can concentrate on the finer details – which colour code will you choose to go with your outfit? Perhaps bring some Scottish flair with a Harris tweed cover made from Scottish wool, a pretty Liberty paisley print, or an on-trend scarf-like leopard cover.


For Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin, industrial design students at Lund, a new law in Sweden in 2015 decreed that under 15’s should wear a helmet, lead them to riff on the subject of style versus function, poising the question that perhaps the most stylish helmet was one you were unable to even see.

Thereby the idea of an airbag cycling helmet was conceived, although it was six years in the making, with innumerable tests, until they finally gained approved certification and the product was released to acclaim on the international market. Now, Hövding has grown from two innovators with a vision for the future to a company of 40 where today they continue their innovations as well as setting up the Every Pedal Counts initiative, which unites cyclists around the world on the merits of fun, safe cycling – with your Hövding collar firmly in place of course. 

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Hövding ground-breaking concept which shows the power of perseverance has changed the face of cycling, literally.

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