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The three sisters that form Swedish fashion brand House of Dagmar stand by three pillars of production, including high quality in fabrics, production process and design, and live by an ever increasing awareness of sustainability which they strive to better each season with their classic women’s clothing, made to empower the wearer.


Our personal style is inextricably linked to our characters, so our clothes and fashion taste form part of our expression. House of Dagmar’s aim is to provide high-quality clothing that allows creativity to shine forth from its range of classic clothing – a pared-back canvas of utmost taste from which we can project our own character. From oversized suits to tailored wool shirts, voluminous merino cardigans to loose fit silk trousers, Dagmar’s collections speak of a sophisticated yet easy style for the confident, modern woman.

The choices that House of Dagmar take with regards to materials also help empower our own choices – by picking Dagmar we also support an ethical chain of consideration for fabric which we trust will give us year-after-year of pleasurable use. Wearers will discover certified viscose, organic cotton, friendly fur, mulesing-free merino wool, recycled polyester, chrome-free leather, lyocell fibers and eco-regenerated cashmere as part of House of Dagmar’s collection and the brand continues to evolve according to the latest eco innovation, with a motto to ‘be kind and do good’ underpinning their every design.


Founded by three sisters in 2005, Karin Söderlind, Kristina Tjäder and Sofia Wallenstam brought House of Dagmar to life, based on the legacy of their late grandmother, Dagmar. She was an inspirational figure who left her mark on the three sisters’ lives with her influential career as a model and tailor who had an exquisite eye for detail, craftsmanship and style.

With an ambition to continue her timeless fashion with a focus on knitwear, the sisters brought the company up-to-date with their progressive view on sustainability and honest approach to the challenges it creates. With a transparency that garners respect, House of Dagmar has undertaken an important journey within sustainability, committed to make better choices using ECAP (European Clothing Action Plan) as a method of measuring their footprint. Their efforts were rewarded with a Swedish Elle’s Designer of the Year in 2015 and today the Dagmar DNA is as strong as ever. 

Stand Out

A triumvirate of switched on sisters create a fashion brand that is as dedicated to the environment as it is to dressing the sophisticated, modern woman.

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