The flagship store on Bärengasse 10 is temple to minimalism, with chunks of clean-lined marble juxtaposing with wire-framed shelving exposing the products

Brand Intro

Hieronymus is a luxury Swiss stationer that treats its letter-printed cards, hand-bound notebooks, bespoke business cards, leather bags and everything stationery-related as precious products.


Based in Zurich, a city that we know regularly tops lists of the best place to live, is the home of Hieronymous, a luxe stationary brand that puts time, effort and experience into the process – creating an art form out of stationary, in the precise way that only the Swiss can do with ease and elegance. 

The flagship store on Bärengasse 10 is temple to minimalism, with chunks of clean-lined marble juxtaposing with wire-framed shelving exposing the products for what they are – sensuous objects which help define our personal moments.

For anyone who has ever taken pleasure from a beautifully bound notebook, a sculpted fountain pen or a textured correspondence card, Hieronymous will bring you great joy.

Created, developed and made in-house, these products of near-perfection are made for those that love the details, albeit the luxurious variety.


The company’s roots lie in earlier letterpress printing: an unsurprising nod to history for Switzerland, an erstwhile Protestant Reformation hub. Creative Director Thorsten Traber moved the company six years ago on to the craft of printing and bookbinding, although the 40-year-old Heidelberg letterpress has recently come out of retirement for embossing and personalisation, a tool that has become more powerful and relevant as the anonymous digital age trundles forward.  Now Hieronymus' vision is almost romantic – creating the possibilities for old-fashioned, moment-by-moment, personal letter writing with its collection of desirable paper goods, greeting cards and notebooks.

Stand Out

When craftsmanship meets a love for detail, we find a product that speaks to us personally – Hieronymous’ aesthetic is designed to do just that.

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