One Christmas, Le Kilt’s founder Samantha McCoach was given a present by her grandmother – a kilt. And not just any kilt

Brand Intro

Not just a relic from the punk era, Le Kilt has brought the real deal back with a bang replete with slogans, mix and match tartans and a playful sense of cool.


Inspired by Scottish heritage and fused with a desire for a more sustainable way of production, Le Kilt’s are totems to craftmanship and design.

With the use of strong, raw materials such as wool, Le Kilt’s aim to an heirloom item, to be cherished and worn, then passed on to the next generation.

Le Kilt’s offering of midi, knee-length and above-the-knee styles, includes a classic Black Watch tartan and a plain black wool version, but the skirts also come in lighter colours like cream and pink for summer, and in lighter fabrics like crepe.

Le Kilt | Tartan Cult Scotland | The Aficionados Le Kilt | Tartan Cult Scotland | The Aficionados

There’s even a mix and match version with a patchwork of different colours and tartans, and houndstooth-patterned ones emblazoned with 80s feminist slogans.


One Christmas, Le Kilt’s founder Samantha McCoach was given a present by her grandmother – a kilt. And not just any kilt. Samantha’s grandmother was a former kilt-maker who worked on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile for over 40 years therefore this lovingly made Black Watch garment garnered attention amongst her peers, and before long orders began filtering through to her Gran. Sensing a gap in the market, Samantha decided to combine the authenticity of her family’s knowledge of kilt-making with the potential of the kilt as a fashionable garment. Although she wanted to avoid the traditional associations as much as possible, Samantha also didn’t want to “completely twist the classic either.” With Le Kilt gracing the limbs of many a model, movie star and mere mortal, we think she’s upheld the traditions of nostalgia while designing a something really rather cool.

Stand Out

Paired with a sturdy biker boot and a soft knit, Le Kilt is most definitely a look.

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