The human aspect of this brand is almost as important as the footwear itself as each shoe is created by hand, a slow, meticulous process that harks back to pre-industrial days

Brand Intro

New York Footwear brand Feit is a counterpoint to consumerism and over-production, instead it is a label where product integrity and sustainability come first, while also emphasizing craftsmanship and individuality.


The first thing to know about Feit, is that every pair of shoes is made by hand, celebrating the go-slow art of shoemaking, craftmanship and a joy in natural materials. The individual attention that is bestowed on each shoe is marked by a certificate of authenticity, signed and dated by the very master craftsman that designed and made your footwear. With such a bespoke process in place, the shoes are limited in their production.

Personalisation aside, this move away from consumerism and fast-fashion means that Feit footwear pay a huge amount of attention to the materials used.

Striving for high-quality, comfort and durability – the essence of any comfy fit – natural materials are used including vegetable-tanned leather, bamboo, cork and rubber. As for the shoes themselves – where do we start? Choose from ballet slippers, wool-lined biker boots, one strap sandals; and for men – sneakers, runners and Chelsea boots.


Tull Price is the founder of FEIT, a footwear label he started with his brother Josh in 2005. After a career in the shoe industry that spanned more than 20 years, he became disillusioned with the demands of mass production and the extreme cost-cutting to which it leads.

In response, he created Feit – where shoes are made slowly and lovingly by a skilled shoe-maker, and can only be produced in limited numbers. A huge U-turn in the fly-off-the-shelves trainers and shoes we come to associate with today’s footwear fashion. We’re delighted to see a new/old way of doing things.

Stand Out

The human aspect of this brand is almost as important as the footwear itself as each shoe is created by hand, a slow, meticulous process that harks back to pre-industrial days.

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