Caldaro al Lago


Nestled amid palm trees, ferns and sunshine in the south of Italy’s beautiful, distinct South Tyrol, lies the village of Kaltern am See, or Caldaro al Lago, as it is also known; one of the most beautiful wine villages in the world. Surrounded by gently rolling hills, perched on the edge of a magnificent, sparkling lake and bordered by acres upon acres of vineyards, Kaltern am See is an idyll indeed – a winemaker’s (or wine lover’s) paradise. Cocooned in one of South Tyrol’s most hidden natural triumphs, sip a cool glass of local wine, ‘Kalterersee’, admire the view and float back in to the surrounding Cypress, fig and olive trees, fanned by the root-deep palms that give the place its unspoken Mediterranean vibe.

Caldaro al Lago/Kaltern View from Seehotel Ambach, South Tyrol Italy
Caldaro al Lago, Italy

Seehotel Ambach

A groovy icon from the seventies, Seehotel Ambach presides over the shores of Lake Caldaro in Italy’s South Tyrol with its perfectly formed, curvaceous marshmallowy walls of laid-back glamour and a canvas of tangerine, vert and oxide reds which drape mid-century furniture pieces.

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