Gasthof Art Hotel Hirschen, Schwarzenberg, Bregenzerwald in Austria

The Wooden Curator

Gasthof Art Hotel Hirschen, Schwarzenberg, Bregenzerwald in Austria

The Wooden Curator

Gasthof Art Hotel Hirschen, Schwarzenberg, Bregenzerwald in Austria

The Wooden Curator

Gasthof Art Hotel Hirschen, Schwarzenberg, Bregenzerwald in Austria
An aged cultural beauty of contemporary art and alpine deliciousness - here you can sleep with history accompanied by all your mod cons


As equally as picturesque as the surrounding Bregenzerwald mountains, Austria's centuries-old Gasthof Hirschen Schwarzenberg hotel, a 1750’s boutique yet traditional land house built in the style of Bauer Baroque, rightly takes centre place in this quaint, listed Austrian hamlet, close to the natural beauty of Lake Constance. 

This deliciously aged alpine lodge hotel, once the resting spot for the passing royals and culturati of the day, clings passionately to its agrarian Alpine heritage, a house that has been extremely loved by the owning family Fetz for more than 250 years. Peel under the Baronial façade of cured timber, mandatory flowering blooms and Austrian frescos and you discover a family heirloom brushed by an incredibly rich canvas of history woven with the arts: a cultural marriage of rustic meets east-side gallery. The alpine interiors of Gasthof Hirschen Schwarzenberg opt for a natural boutique narrative that immediately cocoons and frames a kaleidoscope of art, hinting at the guests of past, both royal and creative, who have each helped etch a little piece of the Gasthof Hirschen hotel throughout the centuries. A rural hotel that plays host to music, art and cultural events, this little boutique historical gem is an original classic that has a youthful stride laced in with its family legacy, making it as simply idyllic as the mountains and pastures of surrounding Bregenzerwald.

Food and the Hirschen are firmly married - the chef turns his creative talents towards recreating your alpine favourites with such delicacy you really can have your cake and eat it


Gasthof Art Hotel Hirschen, Schwarzenberg, Bregenzerwald in Austria

Gasthof Hirschen Schwarzenberg is a hotel famed as a foodie bolthole - raved about, in fact, and recently awarded 89 Falstaff points and 1 Gault Millau Toque.

When a young maverick chef takes over the helms, it is fantastic how he dips into the heritage of this inn's 300-year history and reinvents the classics with creativity. Head Chef Jonathan Burger has delved into the past to source old-table dishes served here centuries ago, giving them healthier, lighter touches and serving them as truly beautiful creations - opt for the 5-course tasting menu. Family Fetz has their own herb and vegetable gardens, smokehouse and even a working dairy farm up in the alps called Alpe Rothenbach, where happy pigs roam and butter is churned alongside the famous Bregenzerwald cheeses. Austrian grapes headline the wine list, with an impressive wine cellar and vinethèque. Dining options include an old-style cosy Stube decked in history, as well as a great outdoor garden terrace, perfect for sunning yourself during the warmer months.



Schwarzenberg, Bregenzerwald in Austria

Natural hotspot, Bregenzerwald is home to the cute village of Schwarzenberg, and right at the heart stands the Gasthof Hirschen as the focal point opposite a wonderful medieval church with sweeping vistas on up to the mountains of the Vorarlberg region of Austria

Just a short drive down to the shores of Bodensee (Lake Constance) and the nearby city of historic Bregenz, sandwiched between Zurich in the west and Innsbruck to the east.

I love the fact that the real tradition of the Hirschen has always been it's open-mindedness, and it's curiosity towards the things that happen outside the village


Franz and Peter Fetz

When the charismatic Peter Fetz took over the reins in 2018, he was under no illusion about how best to fill the shoes of his father, Franz Fetz, a sort of legend. Not only for owning one of the best hotels in Austria, nor for being part of the same owning family for the past 250 years, or for the foodie reputation that he has built up over the years. No – Franz Fetz is also known for his insatiable appetite for art – which adorns every wall of his hotel.

Next-generation Peter is equally a passionate guy, a natural host, a fellow foodie and a global nomad.  He was acutely aware of how best to secure the next 250 years of the Hirschen. 'After growing up in this house, I had to go far away to clear my mind and see the Hirschen "empty". Call it emotional Zero" explains Peter. 'Over the years, I've been to many other hotels, and time made me change my perspective. I've learned that your brand is nothing more than the feeling you want your guests to have when they walk through your front gate.' There is a sense of 'fresh air' at the Hirschen, and Peter has already given the heritage rooms a contemporary accent that frames the family art collections.  He has also seriously upped the restaurant scene  – already proving a hit with both locals and those from far afield to experience his culinary mash-up of traditional Austrian plates to urban fusions that caught his tastebuds while on travels.

'I love the fact that the real tradition of the Hirschen has always been its open-mindedness and its curiosity towards the things that happen outside the village. Once you get that, it opens a lot of interesting routes for you.'

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