Beautiful Ostseebad on the Baltic coast of Germany, here the village of Ahrenshoop

Coastal Canvas

Beautiful Ostseebad on the Baltic coast of Germany, here the village of Ahrenshoop

Coastal Canvas

Beautiful Ostseebad on the Baltic coast of Germany, here the village of Ahrenshoop

Coastal Canvas

To be honest, most people don't associate Germany with a coastal break - well they should, this artsy retreat is New England meets the natural beauty of the Baltic Sea


The boutique bed & breakfast, Der Charlottenhof is a quaint, small, whitewashed guesthouse in the sweet as candy artist enclave of Ahrenshoop, upon the unspoilt coastline of the Baltic Sea (Ostsee), this is where Germany faces the distant Danish coast. The boutique, part-thatched original house of some 150 years now has long been a backdrop to creative escapism for artists lured by the shoreline collage of Ahrenshoop just strides away.

This is all about Ostseebad's sandy dunes, salt marshes and the flora of samphire & sea asters that cuddle up to this former fishing village on the Baltic coast of Germany. Inside, the boutique hotel's interior is accented by the familiar nautical pastel marriage of naval blues, wood flooring and crisp sail whites. They play host to mellowing sea moss greens and bold vibrant palettes of citrus florals blending into the scented gardens. Original and modern furnishings fuse to create an unfussy, elegant design that complements the freshness of the interiors and ushers in a cool, seaside vibe at this stylish Bed & Breakfast enclave in boutique and artistic Ahrenshoop. A cosy, boutique-style hotel, Der Charlottenhof is a quiet, sophisticated house of easy style scented by the sea breezes yonder and loved by those yearning for the simple good life, coast-side-up.


A handful of delicious dishes feature on the menu with a  strong organic and bio inspired foodie concept basing itself at this chilled seaside resort - the food draws on its salt 'n turf location and sees Der Charlottenhof serve local bio raised meats, cheeses and of course lots of fish, through to the delights of home-made jams and freshly baked cakes - homely with style, the food complements the scene of coastal chill from breakfast till dinner, edged in the style of Cape Cod cool.


Set within the German coastal village of Ahrenshoop on the Baltic Sea (Ostsee), Der Charlottenhof is a sand's hop from the dunes, seas and endless stretches of unspoilt beaches.

For a small town in the North of Germany, Ostseebad Ahrenshoop offers a surprisingly wide range of activities, both in nature and culture. Cyclists will love the Darßer National Park and the many bike paths in the wider area. The wild forest of Darß, protected since 1990 can be explored by bike too, or by foot. The Bodden bay, within sight from the upper bedrooms, has small swimming areas with sandy beaches with quite windy conditions ideal for kiting and surfing. A climbing forest in the village of Born can entertain groups and families.

“At heart I was always drawn to the creative world and interiors have always been my passion and a chance trip to the coast was the starting of a whole new life and direction that was closer to my heart than the world of banking.” - Heike Gebhard


For a spot of culture, visit the old Hanseatic cities of Rostock or Stralsund, or visit the art museum in Ahrenshoop where local artists from the former artist’s colony are exhibited. Heike Gebhard decided to throw in the corporate towel and switch for a life in her favourite place to pursue a new creative path of interior design.

Heike created a crafted home on the coast that she shares with her guests – it is a hotel that echoes her artistic use of materials and finishes and her tale of how to fall in love with a place on the seashore. 

Heike Gebhard - Interior Designer & owner of the Der Charlottenhof - Boutique Bed Breakfast in beautiful Ahrenshoop, Ostseebad on the Baltic coast of Germany

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The Baltic coastline of Germany is wild, wonderful and full of nature to explore including thathced cottages of Ostseebad.

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