Alta Badia


Located in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Dolomites, Alta Badia is an Alpinist delight. In summer, visit the lovely meadow village of San Cassiano, which sits at the base of Lagazuoi (2762 m), Conturines (3064 m) and Lavarela (3055 m), with the Pralongià fields at the epicenter, or return in winter for the world-class skiing. Here, ancient Northern Italian Ladin culture thrives and a strong sense of heritage, traditional customs, and regional dishes make this area a unique time capsule.
It’s all about the architecture of nature in Alta Badia; each jagged peak, valley and hillside creates an ideal playground for climbers, walkers and bikers. There’s also no shortage of rustic taverns and chic restaurants serving innovative twists on old classics. So why not embrace La Dolce Vita in Alta Badia, under a pink-tinged sunset vista.

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Alta Badia, South Tyrol

Lagació Hotel Mountain Residence

Wrapped by the Dolomites, this modern eco resort pairs mountain lifestyle with simple elegance and luxury wellness vibes. An authentically pastoral location accented with the local Ladin culture that feels at once both holistic and fun.

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Alpine Capsule by Ross Lovegrove

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