Rural Tuscany - at the FOLLONICO B&B boutique guesthouse in Montefollonico.

The Salvaged Tuscan

Rural Tuscany - at the FOLLONICO B&B boutique guesthouse in Montefollonico.

The Salvaged Tuscan

Rural Tuscany - at the FOLLONICO B&B boutique guesthouse in Montefollonico.

The Salvaged Tuscan

Traditional stone buildings of Tuscany - here the FOLLONICO B&B boutique guesthouse in Montefollonico, Italy
Gelato tones wrap salvaged pieces creating romance itself in this wondrously enchanting farmhouse of style


Follonico is a boutique Tuscan guest house close to Montefollonico that is both serene and sensual, cleverly narrating the simple rural rhythms of a countryside Italian lifestyle.

This once-forgotten aged farmhouse, now lovingly preserved, is brimming with a curatorial interior design of salvage, vintage, worn imperfection and a splash of romantic escapism. Ruggedly handsome thick protective walls stripped and scrubbed chunky beams, uneven flagstone flooring and weathered portals are cushioned with powdery, barley whites, eggshell blues and shots of bright gelato. On the grounds, there are ample places to sit and just ponder among the lavenders or chillax in the new outdoor swimming pool.

Soft and delicate yet bold and creative, romantic Follonico is a tale of architectural heritage that conjures the unscripted delights of fresh eggs, mouth-tingling cheeses and baby lambs – this boutique B&B heralds Tuscany raw and un-engineered, with a theatrical touch of bohemia.

Sleeping here is like stealing a night with Alice in Wonderland - theatrics and fairytale-like styling evoke a whole new meaning to rough-luxe


Designer Romance Tuscany- the bedroom - the FOLLONICO B&B boutique guesthouse in Montefollonico, Italy

Just four suites and two rooms make up the dreamy arrangement of sleeping quarters at Follonico. Following a rustic-chic code of conduct that you’ll notice in abundance around the hotel and grounds, the rooms have a décor that’s full of farmhouse charm. From thick, chunky doors, to cool stone floors, beamed ceilings and scrubbed wooden beds, these spaces are chilled and earthy. Doors and windows painted in sage green open to reveal bucolic Tuscan countryside, lit up at dawn and bathed in gold at sunset.

The ‘Blue Night’ suite is a firm favourite, framed by a historic stone arch with two old farmhouse doors hung on the wall, serving as a reminder of heritage past. There’s also a fireplace for cooler evenings and loggia balcony that looks out over to the famous church of San Biagio, where solemn chimes punctuate your stay. Privacy seekers will enjoy the smaller room ‘Montepulciano’, located in an outbuilding with original farmer's style beds, pure linen bedding, antique doors and natural lime powder painting. The cherry on the cake is a private terrace with one of the best views in Follonico – perfect for that wine-quaffing spot.

Even the sheep here are in the slow lane - dive into the freshest farmhouse produce, all organic and pure


Organic fresh eggs in Tuscany from the farm at the FOLLONICO B&B boutique guesthouse in Montefollonico, Italy

With fresh organic foods growing literally on their doorstep, it comes as no wonder that a Slow-Food philosophy hits the foodie agenda here - everything is either sourced from their own produce and up to a maximum of 30km away, including the fresh organic deliciousness of Montefollonico and Tuscany.

Locals supply Follonico with an original taste of the land using techniques on hand for generations. Simple, honest and delicious - what more could you ask for on a holiday in Tuscany?

Culture, beauty and wines - not sure which order but hey - this is serous wine country - Montalcino producing the Brunello and Montepulciano. Then head off to Pienza for culture and beauty in Montefollonico


Rural Tuscany - at the FOLLONICO B&B boutique guesthouse in Montefollonico.

Idyllic rural setting overlooking sloping vineyards of southern Tuscany just a few kms from the village of Montefollonico, sort of between Siena and Perugia and close to Montepulciano with Pienza and the Val d'Orcia on your doorstep. 

Creative spirits runs this place with such heart - you will always remember your stay here with them


Fabio Firli and Suzanne Simons are creative soul mates – they have realised their dream of restoration and have given this corner of Tuscany a delight of imagination. 

Avid foodies, animal lovers, dreamers and creatives – qualities that have sparked a romance filled house, full of vision with playfulness and lovely quirky eccentricities.  

They have staged a performance of the Toscana we all dream of finding. 

Fabio Firli & Suzanne Simons - Owners & Creators of the FOLLONICO B&B boutique guesthouse in Montefollonico, Italy

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