Galery69 Design Hotel overlooks the Wulpinskie Lakes of Warmia & Masuria, placid lakes of Poland, creative retreats, chill time on the waters

Curatorial Waters

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Curatorial Waters

Galery69 Design Hotel overlooks the Wulpinskie Lakes of Warmia & Masuria, placid lakes of Poland, creative retreats, chill time on the water

Curatorial Waters

Hotel interiors of Poland's Design Hotel, Galery69 in Warmia & Masuria
You can always tell when someone has fallen in love with a location - this is for you creatives out there who appreciate clever design but also love nature - a prefect retreat to think, play and explore made by the mavericks of cool style


Design Hotel Galery69 is a fabulous lakeside boutique hotel crafted by a narrative of dreams, art and nature, hidden along the shores of Lake Wulpińskie in the Lake District of Poland, Warmia & Masuria.

A waterside den nestled in a fairy-tale scene of a placid lake and deep forest, this boutique hotel manages to merge seamlessly into its serene locale. With a traditional pitched roof, the building is subtle, clad in whitened wooden planks that brighten in the lakeside sun of Stawiguda. Inspired by natural materials of timber, stone and sand, the designer interiors by Manufaktura 69 languish by the waters with quietly relaxing opaque hues. Galery69 boutique hotel is filled with owner-handcrafted furniture by Manufaktura69 made using recycled materials, paintings and modern sculptures, all of which sit at ease against a backdrop of milky whites, salvaged woods, knotted textiles and simple polished concrete. Vast windows frame nature itself with panoramic views of the Wulpinskie Lake, whilst Galery69's balconies and terraces with hammocks and deckchairs bathe guests in the daytime sun and bewilder with the famous Warmia & Masuria purple sunsets both in summer and winter

Galery69 is a hub for creative artisans, to think, be silent, and be refreshed anew by nature that bridges art, design and passion, just 2.5 hours drive from Warsaw, with direct flights to Masuria Airport from London's Luton Airport, Berlin and Munich, Warsaw and Gdañsk.

All the furnishings were handmade by the owners, and you can see why they built a hotel - to house their endless creativity and passion for everything crafted from nature, we love them


Created by Manufaktura69, Polands desginer furniture makers, as featured in the boutique hotel, Galery69 in Warmia & Masuria, Poland

Accommodation at Galery69 is unique with 21 different rooms and suites to pick from, all designed and created by inhouse Manufaktura 69. Obviously, a stay at the Galery 69 is all about being on the lake, so we strongly recommend opting for south-west facing lake view rooms or suites - it is worth it. There are also two fabulous Studios offering ample space to chillax. Families can also pick out suitable apartments. 

Our choice would be a lake view room with floor-to-ceiling sliding windows overlooking the lake and nature, have a wonderful timbered terrace and sail white hammocks to laze in – lakeside perfection.


Polish regional dishes have been given the creative touch of the owners bringing a fresh feel to local ingredients - expect regional specialities, Mama's favourite plates as well as Poland's lighter delicacies. Obviously being waterside fish features prominently, but expect to also be thrilled by local salads variations and twists on classic pasta dishes. 

Breakfast is hearty and includes those delicious Polish jams, a little sweeter than usual, and alongside discover the cured meats and cheeses that this rural region has to offer in abundance.  


Galery69 Design Hotel overlooks the Wulpinskie Lakes of Warmia & Masuria, placid lakes of Poland, creative retreats, chill time on the water

Surrounded by the dense thick forests of the Polish Lake Districts, Design Hotel Galery69 is hidden in the north-eastern corner of Poland, sitting on the shores of a natural beauty spot, Lake Wulpińskie. Located in the county of Olsztyn, in Warmia & Masuria, the hotel is close to the town of Stawiguda. The nearest city is Olsztyn with its aged historical centre. 

This unique location means that the wilderness of this Polish region is literally on the doorstep, as is direct access to horse riding, sailing, cycling and hiking. In winter the lake freezes over and makes the perfect ice-skating circuit.


Hotel owners and designers, Małgosia & Wojtek Żółtowsky are a creative duo behind Galery69 and Polish furniture brand,  Manufaktura69. Sitting at Lake Wulpinskie in Warmia & Masuria in Poland.

Małgosia & Wojtek Żółtowsky are the creative pair behind Design Hotel Galery69 and their successful furniture company called Manufaktura69. In every sense, the couple has creative DNA running through everything that they touch. They are designers, inventors, craftspeople, and exceptionally talented. Their zest for nature is also enviable – hence why they chose this lakeside location in Warmia & Masuria to design the Hotel Galery69 – filled with their own hand-built furnishings and imaginative narrative.   The pair are inseparable, have tremendous fun in life and know how to find it. Staying with them is a creative process in itself – and you will leave infused by their passion for this beauty spot.

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