Situated in the Northern Highlands of Scotland, Sutherland is a county that commands incredible, vast areas of remote and startling beauty. A varied but wild landscape of glens, mountains, hills and fjords, Sutherland is one of the most sparsely populated areas in Scotland but also one of the most beautiful. Named by Norwegian Vikings who called any area below Caithness ‘Southern Land’, ‘Sutherland’ has some of the most dramatic scenery in all of Western Europe, particularly when the mountains meet the sea and the great sea cliffs are born. With rugged beaches and remnants of the majestic Caledonian Forest, Sutherland is also the last haunt of the native wolf, which disappeared in the 18th century. Root yourself in the heather and look up - you might see the flight of the golden eagle who, ever discerning, calls this vast and beautiful landscape home.

Lundies House Tongue Sutherland - view across the house towards the sea
Sutherland, Highlands

Lundies House

This reclusive stopover will give you reason to pause and take in the stillness of your environment while a revelling in the perfectly blended alchemy of Scottish and Scandinavian style.

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Kinloch Lodge in Sutherland Scotland is a boutique guesthouse and B&B
Sutherland, Highlands

Kinloch Lodge

Once a remote shooting lodge home to the Duke of Sutherland, Kinloch
Lodge now provides a remote and inviting retreat into the vastness of
nature. Boutique, urban touches meet a rustic, countryside canvas so
striking and so open, it is as if you are in floating in an earthy infinity
pool. Embrace the mountains and the sky with family, friends, the clan, or
just yourself.

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