A maritime urban city known for its chic minimalism — from clothes to architecture to healthy eating — Stockholm’s quiet sophistication seamlessly marries its royalist heritage with modernist functionality. 

Throughout the some 14 islands (holm) that make up the city, you’ll find bespoke fashion houses and furniture stores, world-famous makeup studios, and even a taste of Swedish history care of the Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s medieval cobble stone paved “old city.” For a taste of Stockholm today, walk down Västerlånggatan, the main drag which offers kitschy craft boutiques and waffle shops, stop by Södermalm & Långholmen for a taste of the trendier side of the city, or make your way to the “shopper’s paradise” of Östermalm & Gärdet, ground zero for Sweden’s famous casual-luxury culture.


Camilla Wellton

Camilla Wellton, a pioneer of individual and independent design, is a firm believer that following one’s heart, intuitions and senses, holds the key to an accomplished life.

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Hövding - a fashion tale of a helmet

There are plenty of reasons for not wearing a helmet – it seriously messes up your hair, it’s way to big and bulky to carry around in a bar, and, well, let’s not go into the nerd factor. But, are any of these good reasons? Not really.

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A passion for local handicrafts at LENA M SWEDEN, Stockholm

Meander through the historic cobblestone streets of Stockholm’s Old Town and you’ll soon discover Lena M Sweden – a traditional Swedish handicrafts shop that doubles as the design studio of its charming owner, Lena M Karlsson.

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