Art works of the luxury Hotel Widder in Zurich, Switzerland

A Cultural Menagerie

the luxury Hotel Widder in Zurich, Switzerland

A Cultural Menagerie

the luxury Hotel Widder in Zurich, Switzerland

A Cultural Menagerie

the luxury Hotel Widder in Zurich, Switzerland
This string of Medieval houses harbours a curatorial modernist design interior that hugs 14th century frescoes - you can recline in your Eames chair against a Poliakoff, this is cultural heritage tamed for the modern urbanite, this is the place to stay in Zurich


Widder Hotel Zürich has the luxury pedigree and design charisma; this legend is a masterstroke of modernist influence fused with echoes of the 14th century, located in the historic Augustiner Quarters on the famous Rennweg.

The creation of the Widder Hotel was orchestrated by Swiss architect and interior designer, Tilla Theus (who also happened to design the FIFA World Headquarters in Zürich). The Widder is a hotel of design contrast created in 1995 within a row of nine historical Guilder’s townhouses; the interiors have a cool intellect that draws original medieval frescoes with the modernist Eames, Le Corbusier and Poliakoff. Each of the houses retains their individual characteristics and catalogue the unique history of each, including the wonderful 17th-century frescos. The hotel is also just a stroll away from the city’s eponymous lake and stunning Alpine panorama. With these historical references and natural beauty within arm’s length, there’s no better way to experience Zürich. 

The Bar of the Widder Hotel is perhaps one of Zurich's best-kept secrets and has been recently re-worked adding designer features to this historic hotspot that hums into the late night to the beats of soft jazz. With a fantastic array of dining options too, the restaurants are insanely popular with the local scene and hotel residents. 

The Widder is Echtheit made in Switzerland, a luxury hotel housed in heritage with a decidedly zesty, modernist note, whereby the CEO, fashionista & entrepreneur feel equally in residence.


the luxury Hotel Widder in Zurich, Switzerland

Throughout the fifty rooms and suites, Theus’ touch can be visualised. Bespokely decorated and all utterly different from one another, they come branded with the hallmark of heritage – an oak beam here, antique tiling there or walls that demonstrate murals, frescos or stucco. Hanging on this historical framework is contemporary detailing which adds comfort and style – soft, blanket-cocooned beds, deep bathtubs, perhaps a wood-burning fire and shimmering bathrooms.

The Widder sets the gastro scene of Zurich and continues to reinvent itself with a series of insanely popular dining options - again things are chilled, unfussy and delicious


Widder Restaurant & Fine Dining at the luxury Hotel Widder Zurich, Switzerland

Apart from having one the Zurich's best cocktail and whiskey bars, food lies at the heart of the Widder Hotel and as such has long established itself as a foodie haunt serving rustic raclettes to fine plates of culinary genius across the several in-house eateries. Widder has many a table with the devilishly tasty restaurants to choose from including a secret of Zurich, the lovely garden courtyard. Food is under the creative direction and helms of the esteemed Chef Stefan Heilemann. 

Fellow Gourmandes will already have heard that since June 2020, star chef Stefan Heilemann took over the reins of the WIDDER Restaurant. In a setting of heritage meets urban styling, this hideaway dining room is one of the best-kept secrets of Zurich.  Heilemann triumphs with his signature dishes, known for his unique style of cooking: The combination of the highest product quality, excellent cooking craftsmanship, a willingness to experiment and his characteristic hint of "acidity" open up new worlds of taste and turn a meal into an unforgettable gourmet adventure. The WIDDER Restaurant also has the rising star: host & sommelier Stefano Petta to hand.

Then there is AuGust Restaurant | Boucherie - an uncomplicated continental bistro conceived within the original Butcher’s Guild of old-town Zurich – how fitting then that meat in all its carnivorous variations tops the show – of course there is also a healthy mix of Les Fruits de Mer. This is where guest also takes breakfast, delving into a fine buffet and egg menu. Around the corner so to speak, is the long-standing tavern ‘Wirtschaft Zur Schtund’ which serves hearty classic Swiss specialities like Raclette and Rösti, Flammkuchen and Fondue. In the courtyard, guests can dine on fine cuisine prepared in a fresh manor including favourites from the world's kitchens.

Widder Restaurant & Fine Dining at the luxury Hotel Widder Zurich, Switzerland


The Widder Hotel offers a fantastic TechnoGym onsite, equipped with the latest tools to ensure balance, endurance and stretch.


Zurich, Switzerland

Centrally located in the heritage of the Augustinerquartier of Old Town Zürich, the Widder Hotel sits on the cobbled Rennweg, close to the buzz of the famous Bahnhofstraße.  

From the Widder, a network of small medieval lanes leads through independent boutiques, chocolate, coffee & cakes pit stops, restaurants and galleries - ending down at the River Limmat and Lake Zurich.

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