There is something radical afoot in the homelands of Ukraine as a willfull next-generation foster a Bohemian spirit to fast-track this country way beyond the era of post revolution. Creative, bold and on the artistic bounds, the culturalist reigns once again in Ukraine.

Flanked by the Carpathian Mountains in the west and the Black Sea in the south, Ukraine is a truly vast country in Eastern Europe located in the heart of the European continent. Thick dark beech-wood forests, flat plains of sunflowers and snow-capped peaks – popular for winter ski, spill over to the neighbouring Hungary, Russia, Romania and Poland. Boasting seven World Heritage sites the cultural legacy of modern-day Ukraine includes the popular cities of Kiev, Lviv, the ancient city of Chersonesus and Odessa.

Once a Medieval powerhouse, Ukraine is abounding with Orthodox churches, Byzantine Monasteries, Habsburg boulevards and architecture that spans Soviet modernism, Renaissance to Baroque and Art Nouveau to newer starchitects eager to present a modern proud country. 

Natural beauty, an architectural treasure trove and a culture of 13 centuries – discover the pioneering frontier of Europe filled with warm-hearted people, a vibrant creative scene and off-the-map experiences.


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