United Kingdom

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United Kingdom

A red, white and blue family of nationalities and a cultural mixing pot of identities, the United Kingdom harbours countries and lands rich in their own histories, traditions, people and pride - a pick-n-mix of sister nations: meet England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Sometimes friends, sometimes foes, always neighbours; tussles between each UK family member are never fiercer than when on a sports field. Woe betide the man who comes between the Welsh red jersey and the English white jersey, and their ball.

The red dragon of Wales roars from the South West of the United Kingdom with his famous painterly green rolling hills, a history bedecked in druids, Celts and Tudor kings, over 600 incredible keeps and castles, the legend of St David and the proudly longstanding gaelic Cymraeg language.

The hooves of England's St George are cheered on by palaces, monarchy, the cool of London and history of other cities, as well as picture-perfect countryside and the rustle of fish and chips. 

Meanwhile the UK's northerly blue of Scotland's 500-year old thistle is backed by mountainous landscapes so vast and beautiful you wouldn't believe your eyes, the flash of tartan kilts, the bray of bagpipes, the shout of William Wallace and the heart-stopping taste of deep-fried Mars bars.

From over the channel, Northern Ireland's green shamrock is flown with a gust of coastal waves, ancient forests and dark pints of Guiness.

Brought together by epic landscapes, a love of sport, and a fierce pride in where they come from - most particularly in relation to each other - it's undeniable, the United Kingdom is certainly a cool place to be, each country helping put the Great in Great Britain. Britannia, you are soo cool, united. 


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