New York

United States of America

Mike Chavarri, New York City, Manhattan

United States of America

One of the “newest” world power countries, at a scant 240-years-old, the United States of America has an eternally youthful optimism. From the sunny hills of California, where centuries of dreamers have sought fame, fortune, or merely palm trees, to the impressive skyscrapers and sophisticated ways of New York City, the USA is a nation of contrast and vibrancy. Its individualism shines through in its art, architecture, pop culture, politics and music, which are celebrated the world over.  

A country of immense climate diversity it boasts everything from deserts, to temperate rainforests, to rocky coastlines in the north. In the summers, north-eastern cities like New York and Boston heat up, while in the winter, the West Coast and Southwest stay relatively mild. Each city boasts a unique cultural influence, from the Latin-tinged blue waters and art deco buildings of Miami - the result of centuries of trade with South America and the Caribbean - to the moody minimalism of Seattle, a bi-product of its high annual rainfall. In short, there is never a bad time to visit the USA with an open heart, discerning taste, and a good set of walking shoes.


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