The lush Canton of Grisons (Graubünden) is some 1,250m above sea level, and offers a rare taste of the traditional Walser culture - a people with their own language and customs with roots as deep as Switzerland’s existence. The famous resorts of Vals, Engadin St. Moritz and Davos Klosters are just some of the ski and adventure destinations not to be missed. 

Much of the Walser culture comes out in the local food - a mix of comforting and natural goods, both seasonal and cured. These can then be washed down with the famous Valser healing waters.

Visit the thermal baths and spas of Vals, re-created by Swiss architect Peter Zumthor (winner of the Pritzker Architectural Prize 2009), or the snow sports area on the Dachberg, spanning up to almost 3,000 meters up (and one of the highest ski peaks in Graubünden). Put away the iphone, sign off your email, and soak up this singularly romantic scenery.

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