Vals was a hotspot before there were even words to describe one. According to archaeological finds, this area was a bustling hub at the beginning of the Bronze and Iron Ages, if not earlier, and humanity’s ancient ancestors were drawn in by the lure of its natural thermal baths.

Today these baths are still in operation, and rumoured to cure whatever may ail you.

If a nice soak isn’t your thing, pack up and hike across the Tomül Pass, splash through the curtains of waterfalls, learn abut local Vals culture at the Gandahus museum, gather mushrooms with a local guide, or go crystal and mineral hunting in the valley — a favourite regional pastime.

Brücke 49 Herberge Vals - a small design guesthouse with luxury nordic style, Switzerland
Vals, Grisons

Brücke 49 Herberge

A stylish sibling to Brücke 49 in Vals, the newly created Herberge Apartments takes vacation living in the mountains to a new level of design, comfort and aesthetic.

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Take a lab chemist - Walter Hunkeler and an economist – that’s Martin Ermatinger, put them in the mountains, add a passion for nature and lots of respect for the land – and you end up with a duo who saw the potential of bio cosmetic products long before it became vogue.

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Indian Summer, autumn, Alps, Alpine, hotel, travel, Gold-Bergs

Indian Summer in the Alps - meet the Gold-Bergs

Meet the GOLD-BERGS, our Autumn line-up of Alpine Hotels dressed in the amber tones of Fall - from Italy, Austria, Germany and Switzerland – the scene is indeed magical, marking the start of the wonderful Alpine Indian Summer.

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Dinky Luxe: Small Design Hotel Italy - Follonico, exteriors at this small luxury guesthouse in Tuscany

(Y)our Top 10 Dinky Luxe Hotels

Our top 10 small boutique hotels brimming with design, luxury, character, and distilled with local charm - this is beyond B&B, this is Dinky Luxe.

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Weisses Kreuz, South Tyrol, Italy

Style Edits – Cool Alpine Hotel interiors of contemporary style

This is all about the mix of traditional Alpine style, synonymous with mountainous living and the contemporary hand of private hoteliers. We pulled together a cool style edit of those places that take the traditional dipped into urban sleekness adding a dash of modernity.

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