Dinky Luxe - White design interiors of boutique hotel Masseria Cimino Puglia in Italy
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Like a theatre of style, these small boutique hotels, guesthouses and B&Bs of luxury are the handmade bastions of good taste, design, historical memoir and original panache, may only offer a handful of rooms and suites - but they are the real cool beauts of small.

Considered interiors headline this series of those little places that are edged in bespoke luxury. Meet the players that are way beyond your average bed & breakfast - these are the coolest bed & breakfast farmhouses and suite guesthouses that let you dance to creativity peppered with the finer touches, heirlooms and designer classics.

Nuggets? Jewels? Gems? - oh please. We love Dinky Luxe - your guide to those small design hotels of style. 


These two tiny dinky luxe Highland retreats of design have reformulated the masculine-tartan-hunter look into a deliciously smooth edit of boutique style that fuses Scottish heritage with Scandinavian cool. 

Dinky Luxe: Kinloch Small Design Lodge Scotland - rennovated boutique guesthouse,

Pick one or both of these tiny design farmhouses - KINLOCH LODGE SCOTLAND is like being on a coastal safari - ideal for exclusive hire with friends, family or as the company retreat.

Dinky Luxe: Interior detailing of the small design farmhouse, Killiehuntly in the Highlands of Scotland Dinky Luxe: Interior detailing of the small design farmhouse, Killiehuntly in the Highlands of Scotland, Scandi Scott interiors.

A shade more sophisticated is the KILLIEHUNTLY FARMHOUSE SCOTLAND - a small, creative rest bite of dinky luxe style.


Tuscany Landscape that surrounds the Il Follonico Bed Breakfast - a small guesthouse of dinky luxe

A restoration den of raw genius - a weathered Tuscan house that has been allowed to expose her weathered elements and complemented with chic salvaged interiors and design elements. An imaginative small retreat of utter, rustic romance: FOLLONICO TUSCANY.


Dinky Luxe: Luxury Caldera Villas Santorini - Aenaon, a small design hotel overlooking the Caldera and Aegean See, outdoor pools, infinity in blue and whites

If you are heading to Santorini you need to be staying overlooking the Caldera - but you need to away from the iphone hungry tourists eager to catch a pic. Traditional architecture married to cool design - book a luxury villa suite at the small AENAON LUXURY VILLAS SANTORINI

№4 South Tyrol, ITALY

1477 REICHHALTER is a tiny Gasthaus of originality – an unassuming beauty whereby imperfection narrates the interior design of raw simplicity framed in a restful palette of chalked whites, copper green and soft greys from the milky to leaded pencil. 


Dinky Luxe Bruecke 49 in Vals, a small design hotel  Dinky Luxe - interiors detailing, antler head, contemporary at the boutique B&B Brücke 49 Vals, Swtizerland

You can just instantly tell, that this tiny house of dinky luxe design has creative owners - meet the tiny den of style, mountains cheeses + designer icons - this is the famous guesthouse  BRÜCKE 49 VALS.


Small, delicate, exquisite: OTTMANNGUT SUITES & BREAKFAST, MERANO. This creative dinky luxe boutique residence is fully-stocked with vintage family pieces and curatorial heritage, and includes a fabulous orangerie thriving between the greenest of Mediterranean gardens and whitest snow-capped peaks. 


Dinky Luxe - Masseria Cimino  - a small design hotel with boutique interiors and white-washed walls. Dinky Luxe - Masseria Cimino  - a small design hotel with boutique interiors and white-washed walls.

MASSERIA CIMINO PUGLIA - a white-washed cutie flavoured by unwaxed lemons, olive trees and candles, run by the family Auntie with love. This is what dinky luxe is all about - a tiny boutique hotel of cool design, fabulous simply local food dishes and Italian demure.


South of Vienna is a place crowned as one of the world's "must places to dine". A fabulously creative foodie haven that adopts an artistic interior with lush cottage gardens - a life of good food and style, this is the award-winning TAUBENKOBEL.


Dinky Luxe: Small Design Hotel - Villa Flor Engadin Switzerland Villa Flor Engadin Dinky Luxe: Small Design Hotel

VILLA FLOR ENGADINE is a creative dinky guesthouse of urban styling brushed with Art Nouveau interiors and mid-century design - laced with books and floral notes, this boutique residence is absolute yum.


A former nunnery turned boutique hotspot where heritage meets the cool stylings of urban dna, at LA BANDITA TOWNHOUSE PIENZA, small is beautiful and design is chilled.


Dinky Luxe - Small luxury guesthouse, Niedermairhof in South Tyrol

A small gorgeously renovated 13th century farmhouse decked with salvaged furnishings, contemporary notes and stripped woods - NIEDERMAIRHOF DESIGN GUESTHOUSE is the inspiration of creative owners who fell in love with nature.



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