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Geneva: A Place to Eat Your Heart Out

We can practically hear the crunch of the ultimate pizza base now and the star ingredient of the summer – the Alba white truffle – is singing her song on top. The fresh, prime ingredients are comprised of the classics, making them perfect for everyone who likes things done traditionally. Buffalo mozzarella, burrata, parma ham, rosemary, olive oil and Alba white truffle are amongst some of the key toppings, the whole of which will be presided over by a specialist pizza chef.

We are sure that with the crispiest base, the freshest toppings, the expert care and the glorious Swiss sunshine, that these pizzas cannot fail to be a big hit. In time they may even find a permanent place under the big white canopy, amongst the other delicacies at this foodie heaven (perhaps between the lobster tank and the grill?)

However, if pizza isn’t your thing then fear not – with five fine dining optiions from French Mediterranean cuisine in Loti to delicious (Michelin starred) Cantonese cuisine in Tsé Fung, not to mention the other three restaurants, you are spoilt for choice. All of this is watched over by creative director, Chef Philippe Durandeau, and we just can’t wait to see what this foodie genius thinks of next.

For more foodie delights check out or special Foodie genre - alight with tonuge tantalising goodies prepared just for you.

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All images © La Réserve Genève, Bellevue, Lake Geneva, Switzerland


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