Valais, Switzerland, culture, nature
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Raclette + Culture in Valais

Raclette spreading is a notoriously tricky foodie skill, a Swiss culture secret that is not easily mastered. But master it you can. In Valais you can take a course run by a seasoned professional and learn the art of Raclette scraping - well deserving of a sip of local wine or two, no? 

And speaking of wine, have you ever wanted to own your own vineyard? In Valais you can enjoy the view of step into the world of viniculture yourself.  

As well as indulging in extensive wine tasting sessions with friendly and passionate vineyard owners, wine aficionados can get in on the act of actually growing wine over a 3-day course in Turtmanntal. This comprises working as amateur wine grower under professional supervision to learn the basic elements of the craft and also taking part in guided tours of vineyards and cultural and historical landmarks.

Savour the variety of Valais wines at magical tasting events and take home 6 bottles of Pinot Josefine from your own vineyard. 

raclette on the fire in Valais, Switzerland, culture
Valais, Switzerland, culture, nature

What's more, Valais' Brig is only 15-minutes from Mund - Europes hotspot for Saffron growing, where foodie enthusiasts flock for a peek at that magical red plant.

A foodie culture hub high in the Alps, this is sweet spot in Switzerland is full of food, wine, and sinking into your Alpine style hub of Belle-Époque cultural bliss, Hotel de Londres.


For more on all things Alpine culture in Valais, read up in our Travel Journal's about even more culture in Valais including the Valais Art Museum, Sion's contemporary Ferme-Aisle gallery and of course the yearly yodelling festival (which happens right outside your Hotel de Londres Balcony). Chillax hillside in Valais' Brig, Europe's biggest grower of the magical Saffron plant, and come the ski-season, discover this beautiful, snow-covered world, The Aficionados style, with our Beauty Spot in the Swiss Alps.

IMAGES © Christian Pfammatter, Valais/Wallis Promotion, Switzerland


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