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Foodie Paris. L’Épicerie de Bruno

Sure, Paris offers some of the finest dining in the world, but what about finding the ingredients to create your own gastronomic experience? In the small L’Épicerie de Bruno, located on the Rue Tiquetonne, Bruno Jerry offers some of the most exotic herbs and spices in the city.

The former banker has always been a gourmet, unable to find the spices he wanted in Paris, he would bring them back from his world travels as souvenirs. As the son of old fashioned chemists, and the grandson of grocers, opening an exotic spice shop seemed a logical step.

Jerry recognizes that a lot more goes into a spice than simply where it comes from. The soil, the sun, and the climate all play a role on how the flavour of a spice develops. The shop develops intimate relationships with local producers of the spices, from India to France, to ensure that natural and family produced products are sold in the shop.  While he supports the concept of eating regionally, he also pragmatically realizes that it’s not always possible.

With over 30 types of peppers, 20 plus varieties of chillies, and vanilla beans of all types, a stop in this inspiring shop is a must for any epicurean in Paris.  Jerry encourages experimentation in dishes, and is happy to lend his knowledge to expert and amateur chefs alike. Also available are an assortment of curries and rice, another passion of the proprietors, and hard to find accessories, such as a tortilla press (if you see one – get it, it sells out in a flash).

There’s nothing like the sensations of a visit in person, but the shop’s online store offers many of the spices available in the store.

Images © L’Épicerie de Bruno


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