The landscapes of Tinos, the Greek island in the Cyclades
Nature, wild beaches on the Greek island of Tinos in the Cyclades
Famous skyline of Tinos with more than 1500 churches, the holy pilgram island in the Cyclades. Blue church dome
Tinos - landscapes of the Greek island in the Cyclades.
Sunset over the island of Tinos looking over to Delos as the sun sets, Aegean Sea
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Tinos – The slow Greek Cyclades Island of culture

Tinos is very different to any of the other Cyclades – but then again this is so true for each of the islands, each has a very personal character, history and purpose – and we think each has a remedy for every type of travel.

Tinos - landscapes of the Greek island in the Cyclades.

Tinos is more about discovery, it is the quiet sister to nearby Mykonos and as such is a perfect combo holiday treat – we tend to sandwich a trip here between the party scene and soak up some holistic culture of Tinos. It is officially a Saintly island, but don’t let that put you off - explore the countless Monasteries, most built and skillfully crafted in the white local marble (the island is famed for marble and has a new interesting Museum of Marble Crafts) – and the many Cycladic villages, each of which has its own story to tell.

Villa life is the accepted way of living here on the island, attracting a wealth of writers, poets and thinkers who reside here throughout the year. So what better way to get into your very own Tinos way of living than a stay here at our place, Diles & Rinies Luxury Hotel Villas.

Tinos - landscapes of the Greek island in the Cyclades.

This relatively recent addition to the island has been designed, practically built and decorated by a local man, who after a brief spell on the international stage, returned home to his beloved Tinos and set about creating private-pooled villas that have hotel services, are eco in concept, are very much local in style with added urban touches for the modern nomad.

Diles & Rinies Luxury Villa Hotel Tinos, Greece, Traditional Cyclades building methods Infinity pool of the Diles & Rinies Luxury Villa Hotel Tinos, Greece,

These are perfect for families, groups of friends or an indulgent “I want my own villa” vacation – ideal for the independently-minded traveler. Earthy and rustic stone villas convey an air of comfortable luxury with just a hint of glamour.

The fragrant herbal aroma from the gardens permeates the breeze while the sugar cube villas bring the outside in with all white interiors.

Private pool Villas Tinos - Diles & Rinies, Greece.

Wake up to breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea then enjoy breakfast in your own private garden.

There is certainly no shortage of things to do and see on Tinos – from our base at Diles & Rinies Luxury Hotel Villas, is is easy to set off and explore and so go village, church & beach hopping.

Tinos wilderness, landscapes of this Greek island

Tinos boasts over 60 villages to discover and more than 1500 orthodox and Catholic churches – highlights are the fabulous The Church of Virgin Mary or Evangelistria Church in the hora (main town) – check out the dazzling jewels donated by the local women during prayers and hours of need, the Monastery of the Lady of the Angels at Kechrovouni, and the Abbey of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. 

Church architecture on the saintly island of Tinos , Greece, Cyclades Church architecture, against the blue Aegean seas on the saintly island of Tinos , Greece, Cyclades
Church architecture on the saintly island of Tinos , Greece, Cyclades Church architecture on the saintly island of Tinos , Greece, Cyclades

Village exploration is high on most visitors agenda, including ours – Volax is a must – just for the  bizarre setting in Tinos, famous for giant stones and basketry, Kardiani is known for its fountains and arches – a place to get pleasantly lost in, Isternia is like a balcony to the Aegean Sea and Pyrgosone of the oldest ones and an artsy cultural hub of the island.

Rural scenes of the saintly island of Tinos, Greece, Cyclades
Beautiful coastline of Tinos the Greek island

If you don’t wish to exert yourself too much then make the most of the stunning landscape by relaxing and taking in the spectacular views. With more than 120 km of shoreline around the island there is plenty to discover, with the famous Agios Sostis beach just 3km from the estate. Otherwise we dipped our toes into the beaches of Isternia, Lichnaftia, Agios Romanos, Kolumbithra and the very private Pachia Ammos.

Natural beaches of Tinos, the Greek island

Or if you really can’t bear to drag yourself away from Diles & Rinies, then partake in an afternoon session of Ouzofication by the pool where you’ll have the chance to imbibe the local ouzo in the company of new friends and slip straight into dinner around the large kitchen table.

Why is it called Diles & Rinies – well simply, this is sunset views across to the neighboring islands, called Diles & Rinies – so there you have it. Tinos is an all-year-round destination and the Villas can be booked throughout the year.

Our favourite route is to hop through Athens and either ferry on down to the island, alternatively you can fly into Mykonos and take the fastcat 20 minutes to unspoilt Tinos. Travel between the Cyclades has recently been made, at last, much easier to plan with many ferry services now fully online – yeah. Check out Hellenic Seaways for the fastcats services and Greek Ferries for the softer pace.





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