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Go. Slow. Olive Oils

Hawking from the striking Peloponnese, a rugged swathe of mainland Greece that juts out into the Gulf of Argolis in four feathery fronds, GO.SLOW is a small family-owned producer of extra virgin olive oil.  

Following their love and passion for the healthy Mediterranean diet and appreciation of the slower pace of life, GO.SLOW was founded some 40 years ago based in Kalamata. Appropriately, the brand identity and logo feature references drawn from nature and Greek literacy. The tortoise – regarded in Aesop's Fables for its wisdom, longevity, managing to resist the battle of speed and rush, is the perfect brand icon.  

Being naturally pesticide-free, GO.SLOW harvests the olives from three carefully managed locations to produce their signature extra virgin oils. 'We collect the olives at an early stage, achieving a more intense aroma and taste. During the olive oil extraction process, the temperature does not exceed 27°. Thus, the olive oil retains all its organoleptic and nutritional ingredients.'

Iconic brand design | Go Slow Extra Virgin Olive Oil Greece | The Aficionados Go Slow Extra Virgin Olive Oil Greece | The Aficionados

Handpicked Koroneiki olives from the slopes of Pylos combined with the rich aroma of Athinoelia olives from Sparta, blended together with a unique local variety from Ikaria (a member of bluezones.com, longevity experts) to create exceptional, flavoursome olive oil. 

Scented by the Messinian lands, the olive oils are delicate, infused by centuries-old production; GO.SLOW is deliciously made in Greece.


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