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Greece is for Lovers - Crafted design

While your summer beach vacation is probably still a few months away, there’s no harm in fantasizing about days spent sipping cocktails and dancing the night away…

Greece is for Lovers, a cheeky design studio fittingly based at the foot of the Acropolis, has the perfect summer seaside accessories. Vasso Damkou, Thanos Karampatsos and Christina Kotsilelou create works that are fresh takes on classical Greek culture. Not to mention, there’s more than a little fun poked at what it means to be Greek today.

Some of our favourites are the pieces inspired by beach culture. Their first collaboration as a design team was the 2005 “Ingrid & Stavros.” Drawing from woman’s bikinis, it’s actually a way to cool your wine in the water. One part holds the wine in the cool depths, while bobber stays above water to let you know just where you put that bottle.

Other beach products include the “Tan Lines” series. Described as “sun-kissed, foldable furniture” these chairs just beg to be planted by the sea. 

Continuing with the Greek beach theme is the “Flavour of the Month” popsicle-shaped marble paperweight. Cool white marble paired with a chromed brass popsicle stick is a gentle reminder that you won’t be stuck at your desk forever. Their website has plenty of other Hellenic tradition inspired pieces. Other favourites include “Granny Tunes” the handcrafted i-Pod holder crocheted by local artisans, and the solid brass dumbbells in the form of Ionic columns, to work on getting that perfect beach body. The products are playful and hip, yet surprisingly modest in priced.

If all this has gotten you thinking about Greek beaches, might we suggest checking out The Aficionados ISLAND HOPPING IN STYLE – cool design, contemporary styling and a hug to local island culture.


Images © Greece is for Lovers, Aenaon Villas



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