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Meet our favourite Cycladic Trio

Cool design, contemporary styling and a hug to local island culture make our pick of three easy-to-get-to Cycladic island escapes of Santorini, Tinos and Koufonisia, all the more irresistible. They fully capture the Mediterranean canvas of sun bleached whites against sea blues that is just so Greek & Cycladic.

Private, small and intense, our three dens of escapism are all about chilling and being in tune with island lifestyle. The owners each fell unreservedly in love with their finds and have crafted nuggets of style that are easy, luxurious and very Greek with a cool edge.


The isle of volcanic soul with the sweetest villages that cling and run down the side of the cliffs like icing into the blue Aegean.

It’s all about the Caldera and that’s why we selected the fabulous, award-winning AENAON VILLAS – sitting on the edge of romance itself, you can listen to the soft winds blowing through the feathers of the birds – and stare into nothing but sweet infinity. Suites are drenched in whites and clever architectural detailing that make luxury ever so effortless as created by the lovely Giorgos & Alexandra.


The saintly isle of some 1500+ churches & 60 villages, stunning coastlines and cultural heritage, the little gem is the quiet Cycladic, plenty of hush, hush time.

DILES & RINIES LUXURY HOTEL VILLAS is all about eco-luxury dressed in Cycladic coolness with big, spacey villas awash in cool contemporary notes, private gardens and guaranteed-sea-view verandas, these eco friendly houses come complete with bespoke hotel services as and when you need them.


Between the islands of Naxos and Amorgos is the Robinson Crusoe, off-the-radar island trio called Koufonisia, which collectively forms part of the four ‘Small Cyclades’ of Greece (Mykonos, Santorini and Ios).

EROS KEROS VILLAS are a wonderful handful of stylish villas with stunning views across to the island of Keros.  Casual luxe interiors are anchored with Greek styling edged in contemporary coolness of the Cyclades - dressed in sun-kissed whites, naturally.


Our favourite route is to hop through Athens and either ferry on down to the islands or hop onto a smaller jet and fly direct to Santorini or Naxos, alternatively you can fly into Mykonos and take the fastcat 20 minutes to unspoilt Tinos and about 9o minutes to Koufonisia. Travel between the Cyclades has recently been made, at last, much easier to plan with many ferry services now fully online – yeah. 

Check out Hellenic Seaways for the fastcats services and Greek Ferries for the softer pace.


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