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Famous Wedding churches on the Greek island of Tinos -
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The perfect wedding in Tinos, Greece

A wedding on Tinos? As one of the best-kept secrets of the Cyclades, the tiny Greek island of Tinos is a breath-taking spectacle of natural vistas visited by a truly authentic, Greek lifestyle - away from the hustle and bustle of more tourist-driven perches, Tinos is the ideal romantic spot for a gathering of family & friends, and what better kind of party is there than a wedding?

Celebrate your wedding in style at the luxurious Diles and Rinies Luxury Hotel Villas, with unparalleled romantic views over the Aegean and a sense of peace that emanates from the very earth.

There is an incredible, pure brightness in the quality of light that envelops the whole of Tinos, and this incredible sun exposure is considered to be one of the greatest in the world and perfect for a wedding celebration.

Just think what it would do to the wedding pictures – everyone already glows with joy at weddings but this would give you some serious extra oomph. House 60 of your guests at Diles and Rinies’ eight, beautiful eco-lux villas and celebrate there during the stay with 250-300 of you.

Big or small, your party can go on all night, and will be warmly supplied with excellent but highly discrete service. Weddings are about fun and so too is the island – go swimming, diving, surfing, bouldering, or take it a bit slower and follow a romantic horseback ride with a wine tasting, the classic.

The profound sense of joy and peace that guests find once they arrive is said to have something to do with Diles and Rinies’ positioning – it is situated directly in opposite the island of Delos, in line with the birth place of Gods.

Sunset pool makes an ideal Wedding venue on the Greek island of Tinos

In ancient Greek myth, the twin Gods Apollo and Artemis were both born there; Apollo, God of light and the sun was also responsible for healing, harmony, music and balance, while Artemis, his sister, was Goddess of the moon. Maybe this explains the beautiful light and sense of serenity?

As you stand there and watch the incredible sunsets, sunrises and even moonrises that happen over the ever-blue Aegean, you can be sure that in some sense, be it in the light, be it in the positioning, or be it in what you are witnessing as the orbs rise and fall in the sky, the Gods are blessing your wedding.

Now, stop staring, the view will be there tomorrow after all, go party!

Wedding on Tinos in one of the 1500 churches on the Greek island
Wedding in Tinos - table decoration at the venue of Diles & Rinies on the Greek island
Wedding in Tinos - table decoration at the venue of Diles & Rinies on the Greek island

Diles & Rinies Luxury Hotel Villas is a select member of the lifestyle hotel collective, The Aficionados, which features more than 80 unique and distinctly independent hotels etched with originality and natural soul.

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