Femme Maison, Vienna, fashion, design
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Femme Maison – Raw Fashion in Vienna

‘Our body is being influenced by our life. We are after all more than the sum of our experiences. We are as malleable as wax’ (Louise Bourgeois).

Her collection stands for strength infused with emotions and intelligence. Large silhouettes and draped fabrics are transformed into empowering sculptures, able to sensually reshape the wearer’s body. Franziska employs rippled surfaces juxtaposed to voluminous shapes, which through camel hair dresses and jackets, wool and handmade tapestries, form the key elements of her label. The outlines of her garments however, are purposefully left unfinished, in order to contrast the predominant sensual elements of her collection.

Femme Maison doesn’t simply focus on garments; accessories and footwear also play an important role in her collections. Shoes are combined with fabric, fur, wool and deliberately left unhemmed. Her accessories maintain a certain raw elegance, which is the result of a subtle combination of purism and pompousness. Raw materials, such as metal wise and wood, are then transformed in bracelets, necklaces and rings.

Femme Maison, Vienna, fashion, design Femme Maison, Vienna, fashion, design
Femme Maison, Vienna, fashion, design Femme Maison, Vienna, fashion, design

In 2010 she was asked to showcase in the concept store Wolfensson, right in the heart of Vienna, and in 2012 she had a catwalk during the Festival For Fashion & Photography, promoted by Elfi Semotan & Erwin Wurm. We have yet see what she has planned for the future, but in the meantime you can keep tracks of her movement by visiting her website, or just by dropping her an email next time you visit Vienna.

A great place to crash when in Vienna off the tourist radar, is bijou boutique hotel, Hotel Altstadt Vienna, a hush hush place for creative insiders.

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Images © Femme Maison


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