Jeanne Damas in her Parisian fashion label Rouje
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Jeanne Damas’ brand Rouje distills Parisian style

One glance at Jeanne Damas’ face conjures up a multitude of quintessential French beauties. She has a hint of Jane Birkin’s dark girly energy, and a dash of Brigitte Bardot’s sultry sensuality.

With nonchalantly styled chestnut hair, and striking doe eyes, Damas simply looks like the stereotypical French girl, personified. But the way she dresses has just as much to do with it.

Damas is one of France’s most popular bloggers (she has 1.5 M followers on Instagram, and counting), who has lured people in with her slightly retro sense of fashion. Damas loves a high-waisted pair of jeans, tucked in t-shirts, a feminine pantsuit, a slinky camisole, and a comfy sweater. There’s lots of black, grey and white in her wardrobe, as well as the indispensable Breton stripe and polka dot – all thrown together with remarkable ease.

It’s this insouciance that makes her style so Parisian – that seemingly unstudied style that’s meticulously put together and worn with an unselfconsciousness only Parisian women seem to be privy to.

But Damas wouldn’t be a millennial success story if she wouldn’t bank on this. Her many fans can now buy into her brand – literally and figuratively. Baptized Rouje in 2016, Jeanne Damas’ fashion line of separates is available online only, but ships worldwide.

Geared at the young, modern woman who loves to dress well but is no slave to fashion, Rouje offers dresses that breathe cool and jeans that have a sophisticated vibe.

Her mini skirts recall the Saint-Tropez Sixties, her wide leg trousers Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche. She doesn’t shy away from Seventies suede flares or ribbed velour jackets, staying true to a timeless French aesthetic that showcase confidence in one’s own personal style through a ‘je ne sais quoi’-attitude.

Jeanne Damas | Rouje, Paris, France | The Aficionados
Jeanne Damas | Rouje, Paris, France | The Aficionados Jeanne Damas | Rouje, Paris, France | The Aficionados

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