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Ralston & Bau light up the Nordics with ‘Shroom’

As you approach these mushroom-like structures they light up in a graceful procession, seemingly acknowledging your presence. You’re experiencing the magic of ‘Shroom’ – the latest eco-friendly lighting series by the acclaimed Ralston & Bau design studio.

Recently launched at 100% Norway100% France and 100% Design London, ‘Shroom’ is an outdoor lighting system and furniture series with an innovative detection system that reacts to movement and ambient light.

It dims to just 10% luminosity when nobody is in its proximity and fully brightens when someone passes by, simultaneously saving energy and avoiding unnecessary light pollution.

“The amazing light of stars and aurora borealis (Nordic lights) are affected by public lighting, therefore it made sense to make light fixtures that are fully lit only when needed”, explain the designers.

‘Shroom’ is manufactured and distributed worldwide by the French producer SaintLuc

The Aficionados collaborator Ralston & Bau work out of their design studio Transplant in a small village by the stunning Dalsfjord on the Norwegian west coast.

Founded by Birgitta Ralston and Alexandre Bau, the team is dedicated to sustainable and socially engaging design.


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