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The Hotel Design Magazines – No Ordinary Hotel Directory

Aficionados of design, architecture and interior concepts of style hotels will love flicking through the series of magazine directories illustrating the hotels, travel culture and lifestyle.  Anchored to specific genres of hotel design, The Aficionados print editions: Farmhouse Fabulous, Casa Gorgeous and Blueprint Beauts take the reader through the creation narratives.

A sourcebook for hoteliers, travellers, style aficionados and for those who want home inspiration, these compilations showcase the interiors from a one-bedroom Highland refuge to the cocooning forms of a mountain retreat. From the rural tribes to eclectic townhouses, the boho villa to the striking piece of architecture perched in the mountains.

Nature, provenance and originality headline these selected hotel creations dating back to the 13th century to today, new creations to passionate stories of restoration in three editions.

From the rural tribes to eclectic townhouses, the boho villa to the striking piece of architecture perched in the mountains.

Architectural Hotels | Blueprint Beauts

Lead architects Matteo Thun, Alexander and Armin Pedevilla, Peter Pichler, Noa*, Tilla Theus and Jensen & Skodvin are just some of the design studios featured in this edition Blueprint Beauts.

A fallen tree, a volcanic outcrop and the inheritance of an aged house were just some of the touchpoints that put these hotel outposts on the serious design map; our Blueprint Beauts. The magazine from The Aficionados, tells the stories of how these Blueprint Beauts transfigured from reams of architectural plans to the structures they are today.

The Townhouses | Casa Gorgeous

Casa GORGEOUS captures the design manifesto of the urban townhouse, the statement villa and the little mansion in the countryside. Inspired by your childhood stays with cosmo Aunt Margorie, these hotel interiors border on the eclectic, housing personal collections, addictions and amusement. Random in design, these outposts of curative design are those fun little places that hum to the tune of intellect, clever staging and a passion for layering of objects; heirlooms, abstract art-works, mid-century to Belle Epoque, kitsch to aged oriental rugs. 

A wunderkammer of small beautiful guesthouses from the townhouse villa to the coastal mansions and modern interpretations to the classic genre of the casa. Townhouse interior style and design from Lisbon to Rome, the Cyclades to the Atlantic.

Rural Revolutions | Farmhouse Fabulous

Discover rural interiors wrapped in raw linens, putty coloured throws, vintage corduroy and woollen fleeces: this is Fabulous Farmhouse.
Salvaged flagstone floors, exposed timbers and chunky stone walling frame these rural-inspired beauts from Tuscany to the Czech Beskydy Mountains, a sanctuary in Mallorca to the wilds of Scotland.

Bold rural architecture rubs shoulders with traditional sustainable conversions, whilst interiors dart from hymns of Scandi design to the rustic textures of the land, using time-old generational materials. A rural design magazine which neatly pulls together those country-style retreats with stunning photography and descriptive text.  Your escape-to-the-country itinerary.


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