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blickfang - International Design Fair

Imagine a design trade show where you can meet the designers in person and buy their products on the spot. Better yet, imagine a design tradeshow that takes place at a carefully selected central location that reflects the design culture of the city, far from soulless trade halls.

For all of you design-savvy readers unfamiliar with blickfang, prepare to be impressed.

Creeping up in the calendar are the blickfang shows in Vienna, Zurich and Hamburg. Established in 1993 in Stuttgart by Dieter Hofmann, The Aficionados collaborator blickfang is an international design exhibition targeted not only to industry professionals, but also to consumers.

At blickfang you can browse and buy furniture, fashion and jewellery from over 200 innovative designers, and hear the stories behind the products from the creators themselves. By circumventing the professional salesperson and connecting consumers directly with the designers, blickfang creates an intimate sales experience that can’t often be had in a traditional store. “Not only can consumers fall in love with an item, they can get to know its creator, its story and the philosophy behind it”, explains Hofmann.

When selecting designers to participate in each of the fairs, blickfang curators place great importance on the stories behind the products, materials used and production methods, with an overall focus on authenticity. Exhibiting designers are handpicked to reflect local design culture, meaning that each blickfang exhibition is tailored to its host city.

blickfang Vienna: October 27 - 29, 2017

blickfang Zurich: November 10 - 12, 2017


If all of this design-speak tickles your fancy, why not pair up a weekend of blickfang with a stay at the fabulously creative Hotel Altstadt in Vienna or the luxury Widder Hotel in Zurich. With different designers exhibiting at each location, there’s even reason enough to enjoy both.


Images © Rotfux, feinedinge* porzellandesign, Winter in Holland, Joval, Anzu jewellery, Kampier


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