Monica Studer (*1960) & Christoph van den Berg (*1962), Nebelmeer, 2003, Tintenstrahldruck auf Fotopapier (5/5), 120 x 270 cm, Kunstmuseum Wallis Sitten,
Painting of two men and a woman by a pool, design, art, Valais, Switzerland, Brig
Edmond Bille (1878-1959): Les vignes en mars, 97 x 179 cm, datiert 1910.
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Culture Abounds in Valais

Caspar Wolf (1735–1783), Brücke und Dalaschlucht, flussabwärts gesehen, um 1774–77, Öl auf Leinwand, 82,5 x 54,2 cm, Kunstmuseum Wallis Sitten, Brig, Switzerland, art Emil Nolde Bergpostkarten Das Matterhorn lächelt,  Brig, Switzerland, art
Edmond Bille (1878-1959): Les vignes en mars, 97 x 179 cm, datiert 1910.  Brig, Switzerland, art

Art is everywhere here. Even outdoors. Put on your hiking shoes and wander through the sculpture gardens of Champex-Lac, Verbier and Binn Valley Nature Park. Or discover monumental land art at the Mauvoisin dam. If contemporary art is more your thing it is also alive and well in Valais - why not give your visual senses a jolt at Ferme-Asile in Sion or the Louis Moret Foundation in Martinach?

 Brig, Switzerland, art, Valais, gallery

For those who want to go back in time, visit Switzerland's Sion. Set out on a discovery trail there and learn how the various ancient tribes made their mark on the identity of Valais - Sion was built over a necropolis which is one of the largest in Europe and dates back to the early Stone Age. The Roman era also left its mark on Martigny, where archaeologists have uncovered historic Roman arenas. 

An amazing audio-visual collection is available at the Valais Media Library, where you can pour over the history of Valais. And 2,000 years of history await you in Saint-Maurice, the main centre for religious cultural treasures. Solid, permanent reminders of the Middle Ages can also be found throughout Valais, most notably at Stockalper Castle in Brig and at the Tourbillon and Valeria castles in Sion.

 Brig, Switzerland, art, Valais, castle lit up with artwork in the mountains


Images © Musées cantonaux du Valais, Sion, M. Martinez & Pascal Gertschen, Brig Simplon Tourismus, Switzerland


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