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Engadin's Mountains Meet von Bartha's art

von Bartha is a modern and contemporary art gallery in the bustling Swiss city of Basel. So why did they decide to commit themselves to a second, much more remote location in the Engadin Mountains?

About 1000 metres in elevation, the Engadin Alpine valley region is close to the resort town of St. Moritz, much loved by skiers, but also by wind surfers who trek towards Lake St. Moritz.

Engadin, Switzerland

In this area lies S-chanf, a village enveloped by large flat meadows across which thousands of skiers participate in a mass country ski race each year – and the location von Bartha picked out for its eponymous extra-mural artistic project.

S-chanf von Bartha – the gallery – is a contemporary art space located inside a century-old converted patrician house. The gallery’s program offers a selection of artist the opportunity to organize special projects throughout the year. 

von Bartha, S-chanf, art, gallery, Engadin, outside shot of the pink building von Bartha, S-chanf, art, gallery, Engadin, inside photograph of white space and columns
von Bartha, S-chanf, art, gallery, Engadin von Bartha, S-chanf, art, gallery, Engadin

This summer the Chilean artist Felipe Mujica has the honours of taking over the building. Opening on the 1st of August, and on until the 9th of September, you can wander amid his mostly monochrome two-dimensional artworks in a show titled “Dedicated To The Bird We Love”. 

Mujica’s characteristic abstract geometric textiles – “curtains” – are influenced by the international, social, political and artistic movements of the late 60’s and 70’s in Russia, the Americas and Europe – Modernism in particular.

Manufactured by members from the Bordadeiras do Jardim Conceição - a group of distinguished female embroiderers, living in the Jardim Conceição neighbourhood in the city of Osasco, Greater São Paulo, Mujica’s work draws attention to the domesticity of their production and the powerful role of community and solidarity. 

The works in this exhibition were created specifically for S-chanf’s von Bartha gallery and are placed inside the white cube space as well as outside in the surrounding woodland.

The textiles and silkscreen prints are often moveable and turn the viewer into an active collaborator. Mujica calls them “humble acts of resistance”, in a “universal language”.

An incredibly convenient 5-minute walk away from the boutique art deco hotel Villa Flor, there’s no better – and easier way – to get your culture fix among the snowy mountains. 

Villa Flor, Upper Engadin, Switzerland, boutique, hotel Villa Flor, Upper Engadin, Switzerland, boutique, hotel
Villa Flor, Upper Engadin, Switzerland, boutique, hotel Villa Flor, Upper Engadin, Switzerland, boutique, hotel

Villa Flor is a creative little design hotel of Art Noveau tendencies and lots of colour, fun and flair. Perched right on the town square in the middle of Alpine culture spot of creativity and art – Engadin, it is the perfect base for a ski + culture trip high in the mountains.    


Another hidden art hotspot is Villa Noailles, home to Charles de Noailles and his wife Marie-Laure - who socialized with and commissioned friends like Jean Cocteau and Pablo Picasso - and Matisse's hidden chapel, the Chapelle de la Rosaire, which he designed at the request of the young and pretty nurse, Monique Bourgeois, who cared for him when he was ill.



Images © von Bartha & Villfa Flor


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