Crafted footwear brand FEIT, New York
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Walk New York’s streets with footwear brand FEIT

Crafted footwear brand FEIT, New York Crafted footwear brand FEIT, New York

In New York’s Greenwich Village, two creative spirits are at the heart of two completely different projects with nevertheless a completely attuned perspective.

At The Greenwich Hotel, a The Aficionados partner, the penthouse suite is designed according to the Japanese wabi sabi principle of aesthetics, executed by the renowned Belgian interior designer and art collector Axel Vervoordt. 

The Greenwich Hotel New York, Penthouse Suite desgined by Axel Vervoordt

His signature use of neutral, earthy tones, his inclination to leave walls and finishes imperfect, and his use of rustic wood and stone accents, make this luxurious and spacious penthouse a modern interpretation of the ancient Japanese concept.

Just a 10-minute walk away from the Greenwich Hotel, you can find one of Tull Price’s two NYC stores

FEIT store, 11A Greenwich Ave, New York -  Photo by Naho Kubota

Price is the founder of FEIT, a footwear label he started with his brother Josh in 2005. After a career in footwear that spanned more than 20 years, he became disillusioned with the demands of mass production and the extreme cost-cutting to which it leads.

FEIT is a counterpoint to consumerism and over-production, instead it is a label where product integrity and sustainability come first, while also emphasizing craftsmanship and individuality.

Crafted footwear brand FEIT, New York

FEIT takes as its blueprint a trademark seamless one-piece upper, hand-stitched at the heel, which is based on a set of lasts built in 2005 with the 96-year-old Tuscan master last-maker Verdichio Padrone.

That knowledge is brought to China, where highly skilled craftsman assemble and sew together the shoes – giving new meaning to the ‘Made in China’ label.

Shoemakers, Crafted footwear brand FEIT, New York Crafted footwear & leather by brand FEIT, New York

Each shoe is unique thanks to this, and thanks to the use of materials – vegetable tanned leather, cork, rubber, bamboo shank give the footwear the coveted natural aesthetic that would blend in perfectly with The Greenwich Hotel’s Vervoordt-designed penthouse suite, with its muted, close-to-nature tones.

Crafted footwear brand FEIT, New York

Even if you were to take these shoes off, there’s more wabi sabi to be found in Shibui, the Spa at The Greenwich, which boasts five treatment rooms and an Onsen, a traditional Japanese soaking bath. Shibui means ‘a subtle and unobtrusive approach’, and this peaceful retreat, made of 250-year-old-barn of Japanese dark barn timber, certainly does the trick.


IMAGES Sarah Elliott, Claire Summers, FEIT & The Greenwich Hotel, New York, USA


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