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Ski in Style No. 3 – Norway

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Well, they did. And they have one of the most gorgeous places on earth in which to practice it. In the northwest of Norway, in the fertile Valladal valley – known for its strawberries – lies the small rural hamlet of Alstad.

There, alongside the banks of the river Valdolla in the Western fjords sits Juvet Landscape Hotel, a feat in unobtrusive, sublime architecture. Perfect for any boho nature fan, these streamlined, glass-clad observation pods-cum-hotel rooms are an expression of humans living quietly alongside nature; look out your panoramic window at the incredible majesty of the view and you’ll wonder why we ever gave it up. 

Juvet, Alstad, Norway, design, architecture, elements, nature hotel, mountains, snow, landscape,

The incredibly inspiring Knut Slinning is the man behind the Juvet Landscape Hotel, and not only has he created a carefree sanctuary amid the trees, but he is also an expert skier. As proof in point, his daughter is part of the Olympic Ski Team. What better place to stay, therefore, than Knut’s? A local who really knows, respects and loves his magnificent back garden, he has found the perfect place for easy access to all types of skiing.

The excellent location means you can snap on skis right outside the hotel door and head either up to Trollkyrkja, 1762m above sea level, or go for a more leisurely cross country trip towards the impressive plateau of Trollstigen, surrounded by stunning alpine peaks, or, head 45 minutes away to the Stranda ski resort and find the best fine powder in Scandanavia.

Skiing and snow sporting mountains of Norway, cross country

For another taste of superb Norwegian slopes we recommend heading to Beitostølen and the surrounding Jotunheimen Mountains, where beginner skiers, hardened mavericks and cross-country fanatics are all welcomed with open arms.

The alpine panoramas surrounding Beitostølen are simply breath taking and a perfect hotel to pair with this Norwegian adventure is the Herangtunet Boutique Hotel, close by to Beitostølen’s mountains.

Herangtunet, Norway, Alstad, design hotel, rural, retreat, ski, skiing, picturesque, escape, fairtyale

This stylish addition to the ski scene mixes the rustic tradition of its timber-clad exterior with a clever luxe vibe throughout. A magic retreat in the forest, if Norwegian fairies did design, we would have sworn they created this hotel.

A beautiful, ethereal escape, Norway offers the most sublime panoramas in the world, and here we offer two places that keep the sublime feeling going once back at base. Pick Norway for your ski holiday and you will have made a fabulous, stylish choice. 

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Images © Juvet Landscape Hotel & Herangtunet Boutique Hotel Norway


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