The outlines of garments, however, are purposefully left unfinished, in order to contrast the predominant sensual elements of her collection

Brand Intro

With its clean lines, uncomplicated colours and fluid drapery, Maison Femme is a clothing line that aligns itself with a kind of raw elegance, rooted in the past, but offering a modern flattery of the female form.


Inspired by the works of artist Louise Bourgeois, who strives to recreate the relationship between the human body and the surrounding tangible world, Maison Femme’s collections stand for strength infused with emotion and intelligence. Silhouettes and draped fabrics are transformed into empowering sculptures, able to sensually reshape the wearer’s body. Rippled surfaces juxtapose with voluminous shapes, which through camel hair dresses and jackets, wool and handmade tapestries form the key elements. The outlines of garments, however, are purposefully left unfinished, in order to contrast the predominant sensual elements of her collection.

Bridal wear from Femme Maison matches its ethos of draping modern women providing a unique naturalness for the charismatic bride.

Femme Maison doesn’t simply focus on garments; accessories and footwear also play an important role. Shoes are combined with fabric, fur, wool and deliberately left unhemmed. Her accessories maintain a certain raw elegance - materials such as metal and wood are transformed in bracelets, necklaces and rings.


Femme Maison is a Vienna-based brand founded in 2009 by Franziska Fürpass, creating her label after studying at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.

Today her store provides a portal into her world: pret a porter and evening wear, timelessly modern yet with echoes of the great icons: Birkin, Faye Dunaway and the glamorous Hollywood hostesses.

In 2010 she was asked to showcase in the concept store Wolfensson, right in the heart of Vienna, and in 2012 she had a catwalk during the Festival For Fashion & Photography, promoted by Elfi Semotan & Erwin Wurm.

Since then, her husband has joined the team and the brand showcased in Gallerie LaFayette in Paris, while being recognised by international fashion media.

Stand Out

Reminiscent of the silk-clad Hollywood icons, Femme Maison is a modern take on the sophisticated, draped woman who celebrates her own ‘nonchalant elegance.’

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