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Serious about their sourcing, production and roasting, Swedish pals Gringo Nordic are the guys to look up at their roastery shop in hip Gothenburg when your caffeine levels are low.


Gothenburg is a laid-back, slow-pace kind of city. It’s also the birthplace of one of our favourite roasteries – Gringo Nordic, one of the vital components of fika. Founded by three self-confessed coffee addicts, Gringo Nordic are serious about its sourcing, production and roasting. Their speciality coffee beans come from small farms and cooperatives, to support farmers that focus on quality, from as far and as wide as Rwanda, Brazil and Sumatra. In Colombia, Gringo Nordic own a coffee farm, showing their commitment to the intricacies of the growing process.

Roasting is done in-house, in small productions using energy -efficient air roasting. Each batch is tweaked accordingly to the type of bean, creating a truly bespoke system. This attention to detail and meticulous consciousness to the whole process means a thoughtfully produced brew, created with passion and care. With a large range of organic single origin, smooth blends and Italian-style expresso, Gringo Nordic will find a coffee to match every discerning palette.


The three amigos that founded Gringo Nordic are happy Swedes, fully endorsing the go-slow lifestyle that so many of us seek when we visited our Scandi friends. Together, Gringo Nordic was founded in 2015 out of a sheer love for the coffee roasting process.

Johan Ekfeldt and his wife Pernilla bring passion to the process, and a dedication to sourcing coffee from sustainable farmers or regions where they know their business will help a small farmer to exist.

Magnus Alfard joined the team from more of a food and drink background, bringing his specific knowledge to help hotels and restaurants in the area select the correct coffee and machinery for their business. In fact one of our favourite hotels, Hotel Flora now provides Gringo Coffee as part of their breakfast offering, showing a synergy of ideals which we like the sound of.

Stand Out

More than ever, the choices we make say so much about ourselves but also inform the kind of world we want to live in. Do good with your daily coffee with Gringo Nordic.

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