Travel & Style Magazine | Blueprint Beauts

Bound in a soft cover with 132 pages, this architecturally focused edition is your design compilation, a celebration of those hoteliers that are not afraid to explore the past and reinvent for the future. Who bravely distil design dialogues into a reconsidered style, spliced with modernity, engineered by nature and created with love.

A fallen tree, a volcanic outcrop and the inheritance of an aged house were just some of the touchpoints that put these hotel outposts on the serious design map; our Blueprint Beauts. The magazine from The Aficionados, tells the stories of how these Blueprint Beauts transfigured from reams of architectural plans to the structures they are today.

From the lone mountaintop retreats, lakeside charmers and clifftop style dens, all our Blueprint Beauts have a strong accent of architecture and design. Found in the wilds of Poland, the glamour of Italian lakes, perched in the Alps, clinging to volcanic rocks and camouflaged in woodland, this edit shows a style genre that anchors to the past yet leaps to the future with bold new designs.

Read about the narrative of design in our clutch of architeriors.

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