Travel & Style Magazine | Casa Gorgeous

As the title suggests, this travel edition is a wunderkammer of small beautiful guesthouses from the townhouse villa to the coastal mansions, from modern interpretations to the classic genre of the casa. Bound in a soft matt cover with just over 132 pages, this latest magazine is packed with beautiful photography and narrates the small editions of crafted interior style and design from Lisbon to Rome, the Cyclades to the Atlantic coast of Ireland. Discover our hotel aficionados founded on the design, luxury, style and soul - through the touch of print.

What defines a Casa Gorgeous?

Over the pages, our hotel hotlist of Maisons, townhouses and villas open their doors to reveal an eclectic, personable style brought together with love. We explore their unashamed passion for detail in its myriad forms, representing a visual diary of the owners' creativity.

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