Home to over 60 Cycladic villages, Tinos is the hidden gem of the Greek islands. Villa life is the norm here, and over the years Tinos has attracted a wealth of writers, poets and thinkers, many of who reside here round trip. You’ll be tempted to throw out your return ticket once you spend some time at the pristine beaches, churches and countless Monasteries, most built with local white marble. We recommend waking up in a sugar cube hotel villa to a breath-taking view of the Aegean Sea, followed by a breakfast in the salty air, fragrant with herbal aromas from one of the many local gardens. Afterwards, set out for a quaint village like Volax, the fountains and arches of Kardiani, or relax in Isternia, the balcony of the Aegean.

Under The Sun Design Hotel | Tinos, Cyclades, Greece | The Aficionados
- Tinos, Greece

Under The Sun Cycladic Village

Seamlessly slotting into Tinos’ wild and remote surroundings, design hotel Under The Sun is a raw and natural addition to this dramatic cliff-scape where Aegean blues blend sky with sea and a rugged architecture creates the perfect setting for a soulful escape.

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Tinos - landscapes of the Greek island in the Cyclades

Tinos – Guide to the slow Greek Cyclades Island of culture

Escape to Tinos – the Greek island of over 60 Cycladic villages, art, culture, great natural food, pristine beaches and enough churches (1500+) to feel totally blessed – and slip into a new way of living, the Tinos way.

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Santorini - on the edge of the Caldera - Cyclades Holidays in Greece, Infinity pool, Luxury Villas

Our Favourite Four Cycladic Islands

Cool design, contemporary styling and a hug to local island culture make our pick of four easy-to-get-to Cycladic island escapes of Santorini, Tinos, Syros and Koufonisia, all the more irresistible.

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Tinos, Cyclades, Greek, Greece, art, style, design, church, Aegean, sea

Tinos - The island of Pilgrims

The Greek island of Tinos is fast becoming the Cyclades' hidden art destination - from heritage crafts to hotel bastions of style and design.

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