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Brand Intro

Zeus+Dione, a Greek resortwear brand that celebrates Hellenic culture, creates timeless fashion, with rare pieces that fit seamlessly into a sun-soaked lifestyle that values comfort and luxury.


When you’re in need of sunny weather vacay clothing – and in our era of globalisation, that could be at any time of year – depending on where in the world you’ll be visiting, you most likely will need to look for Resort collections and Pre-Fall collections. Introducing Zeus + Dione, a go-to for that easy-breezy but put-together summer clothing that we envy on our modern Greek goddesses.

Come here for embroidered blouses, tailored shorts, those gorgeous Greek sandals and flowing dresses that are both sculpted yet free. Zeus + Dion have also become known for their silk pieces including shirts, jumpsuits and dresses embellished with traditional embroidery.

Everything is kept local and sustainable - silks are made in the North-Eastern Soufli, embroidery happens in Argos and Metsovo, knitted dresses are made in the Cyclades and Attica, and the patterns are handwoven in Crete.


Deeply rooted in the ancient mythology that characterises Greece, Zeus+Dione was established in 2012 by Dimitra Kolotoura and Mareva Grabowski and named after the goddesses of love, beauty and eternal youth. But it also began during Greece’s recession which gave the duo even more determination to show off their country’s natural asset – its rich heritage.

They brought in skilled artisans at a time when demand for their artistry was down, and began using a silk factory which employed local craftspeople thereby in their own way helping the economy of Greece and the same time celebrating what was fundamentally Greek’s treasured resources. Today as the brand expands in to a big family, Zeus+Dione’s thoughtfully created garments attract the attention of those looking for sustainable, chic clothing with soul.

Stand Out

Zeus+Dione’s painstaking attention to design and culture, which also factors in innovation and creativity, results in garments that are authentic and of an exceptional quality that reaches beyond tradition and fashion. 

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