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Norway is a land of quiet drama. From the steep fjords and jutting mountains that stripe the country’s western coast, to the dazzling lights of the Northern Lights, to its minimalist architecture and music - black metal or the pulsating electronic beats of Röyksopp - Norway enjoys its stark contrasts. With of a population of just over 5 million, and 44 untouched national parks, this Scandinavian nation offers a rare chance for total quiet and oneness with nature.

Whether you use this opportunity to ski in Lillehammer, home to the 1994 Winter Olympics, fish in the Trøndelagregion, climb the rocky wilderness and waterfalls of the Seven Sisters Falls or simply enjoy some world-class modern design in Oslo, you won’t feel anything even close to resembling ordinary. The only thing to be aware of is that daylight varies greatly during the year. In December, the Oslo sun sets around 3:30, while in the summer months there is a prolonged sunlight known as the “white nights”. Norwegians have taken advantage of this vibrant Nordic sun by creating a thriving outdoor music culture, which includes the annual Øya Festival in August, one of the largest and most popular music events in the world, as well as several “midsummer” all-night parties. Meanwhile, all those months of darkness have helped create a dynamic nightlife culture, filled with lingonberry cocktails and Akevitt Apéritifs, which make the long winter evenings go by all the quicker.

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